A Brief Synopsis/Prologue

A Brief Synopsis/Prologue

A Chapter by 20 Locks - Hustla Extraordinaire

Sometimes "Virtual" Can Become A Reality...

Ethan, a 15 year old boy from a small home town finds himself being moved across country to the big city because his father, a software engineer was laid-off from his job due to tough, economic times and found a job in Irvine, CA at Snow Storm Entertainment, one of the largest software/game producers in the world (and maker of the only virtual reality system).

Within 1 month, Ethan, Connor, (his little brother) and his father, Douglas Fairchild find themselves all alone and fending for themselves after a fatal car accident takes the life of Amanda Fairchild, wife and mother.
Shortly after the accident, Ethan’s grades begin to drop; he becomes withdrawn and begins to hide in his room all night. The usually vibrant boy of 15, who normally plays electric guitar and has had a lot of friends, stops joining in activities, and stores his guitar, a gift from his mother, in a box in the basement.
The principal, Dr. Jones, and his math teacher, Miss McPherson immediately worry about Ethan and have many conferences with the boy’s father. Miss McPherson drops by often to check on the teen in hopes of helping him with his grieving process.
One day, his father brings home a new ‘Virtual Reality’ game in hopes of drawing Ethan out and back into the music world. The game, Rock Star Hero puts you directly into a virtual reality band and allows you to play “real” instruments and experience what it’s like to be in a “real” rock band via the system and the internet. In addition, one of Ethan’s favorite bands,  "24 ‘Til Death" is featured on the game system and provides instruction on putting your band together.
At first Ethan would have nothing to do with the game. Then, one day, while putting away DVD’s in the family room, Ethan decides to humor his father, puts the system together and tries it out.
Ethan makes a band called "Driven Wilde" and takes the seat (position) of lead guitar. He creates a drummer, bassist and lead singer/keyboardist. Within minutes, players “pop” into the game. Chloe, a girl from the UK and drummer jumps into the drummer position. As Ethan and Chloe begin talking and playing, the bassist, Sebastian (“Seb”) Williams pops in and begins jamming and laughing. The three play all day until late and Ethan and Sebastian have to go.
The following day, all three are back and Ayden Quinn, lead singer and keyboardist jumps in. Now, the band’s setup is complete and they begin the game.
Ethan is instantly hooked and runs in the door after school everyday to “jump” into his role as lead guitarist in the band "Driven Wilde".
Weeks go by and the band is having a great time. They’ve mastered 8-10 songs, written half a dozen of their own and Ethan and Chloe have become tight friends. That friendship begins to take a romantic turn. The only problem is that Chloe lives in the UK and Ethan, in Irvine, California: 8-10 hours apart. The only way for the two to interact and “see” each other is through the virtual world.
Months later, Snow Storm Entertainment, the software virtual Reality game maker runs a worldwide contest: Be the Band.
The contest involves rating and scoring virtual bands from all over the world by three professional bands: (3 BANDS)
Ethan is psyched because 1 of the bands is Ethan’s favorite band, "24 ‘Til Death".
After weeks of competition, it’s down to 3 virtual bands and "Driven Wilde" is one of them. The prize is $100, 000 and VIP passes, all expenses paid to one of the 3 judging band’s concerts. This would be a way to actually meet Chloe, have the money for “real” band equipment, start a “real” band and meet his favorite band of all time.
With competition fierce, his father threatening to take back the game system, the chance to meet his favorite band in person, and his relationship with Chloe hanging in the balance, can Ethan and "Driven Wilde" keep it together and take home the grand prize?  

© 2018 20 Locks - Hustla Extraordinaire

Author's Note

20 Locks - Hustla Extraordinaire
Still being edited! Grow with me.

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You're so creative Anastasia! I imagine it would be quite difficult to think and plan the story and balancing it between chapters and editing. I appreciate your work and it's amazing so far!

Posted 4 Years Ago

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20 Locks - Hustla Extraordinaire

4 Years Ago

*Tips my virtual hat* Thank you. : )

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20 Locks - Hustla Extraordinaire
20 Locks - Hustla Extraordinaire

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