A new deal

A new deal

A Story by 21pens

I'm going to try a new thing. It's called starter stories! I start, you take over. Ta-da!

“That’s enough Gorrillian.” Said her monotone voice.
“Aw com’on Clary! You’ve had you’re legs crossed ever since we slept together! Was it that ba-?” The gun in his face stopped his sentence.
    The ice cold glare following the barrels direction was more frightening then the weapon itself.
“You have been spending to much time amongst your w****s, Gorrillian. Need I remind you of our agreement?”
“No.” he said in a small voice.
    It was only when the gun had been holstered and the safety placed that there was even a whispered “tight-a*s.”
    It was only with the utmost care that she gave him a perfect black eye.
    The laugh of their companion turned both heads.
“And this is why I admire you so, Clarishant. The fierce blushing maiden! But these pleasantries will not fix my problem. We must away.”
“Aye,” muttered Gorrillian “If only to let her work out her anger on someone else.”

Her silhouette stood in the church door. And that was the last they saw of her that night.

© 2011 21pens

Author's Note

If you do a spin off, can I see? Please?

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Added on August 25, 2011
Last Updated on August 25, 2011




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A Story by 21pens


A Story by 21pens