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English project that turned out better then I thought

Rule #2:
    If you fit in it, you sit in it!
    (For maximum annoyance one should follow this rule at all possible times.)
Warning: this rule has nasty side effects of the Big people becoming creative for revenge!
    I didn’t read the warning underneath that particular rule, and later paid for it. My human (Johnathan) has taken to wiping down all flat surfaces with polish and wax, for maximum slide he takes off all obstacle to. Not to mention picking me up every chance he gets and ruffling my belly fur.Damn his oposable thumbs!
    But... well I can’t really be to hard on him can I? He really doesn’t know what I do for him. Nor does any other human know what their small lovable house pet is doing. That’s due to rule number one.
Rule #1:
    Keep the secret, keep them safe.
My name is Pangerbon, and I am a C.A.T.-
Clandestine Alien Thetan.


    Johnathan groaned as he got out of bed. The clock said 4am, much to early for a guy who only went to sleep around 2. Being a Museum guard wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.
    But why was he getting up? That stupid cat! What could it be doing that was this loud, this early?! Johnathan smiled as he thought of the cat falling into the toilet bowl again. That could do it...
    Johnathan grunted in pain as he stubbed his pinky toe into a stack of history books that he hadn’t gotten around to reading yet. Hopping in pain (and glad no one could see him) he then proceeded to trip over his large African tribal mask, his old chess set (on a 4 foot high table), and that random bit of clothing that always seemed to be on his floor. Stumbling out of his bedroom, Johnathan ran straight into the 16th century suit of armor he’d bought on Ebay.
    After that loud crash there was a great possibility that Pangerbon was hiding, and it would be difficult to find him now... unless he was going to pull the trick of lying in the middle of the hall again. That stupid cat somehow knew that Johnathan was color blind, and knew that he wouldn’t see him at night. Damn cat had a sense of sadistic humor to, because when stepped on he would shriek loudly enough for Johnathan to be scared, and then watch the show as John hurt himself.
    Pushing the armor back into place Johnathan tried not to trip into anything else, and was watching the floor, in case of cat, which made him not see the towering Man standing only a few feet away. Johnathan would look back later and think it was almost predictable that the one thing he wasn’t looking to trip over or into, would be the one thing that hurt the most.
    A well placed squeaky mouse sent him sprawling.
    Dazed John wasn’t sure that the man was real when he caught sight of him. But when he was picked up like a rag doll and set on his feet, there was really no way that he couldn’t be real. And it would be fitting for his terrorist cat to be sitting comfortably on the Giant’s shoulder. But just to make sure...
    A loud purr filled the air, and the culprit was identified.
The Giant man spoke as the purr got louder.
“I’m sorry my boy, but now that you have Seen, you may no longer stay here. Please forgive and FORGET!” The last word was so powerful that it made Johnathan pass out.
    It might help if I shed some light on things, seeing as you human readers can’t see well in the dark. Arayan’s are supposed to be the strong white race of old, from which all white people today are descended. However there was a race of people that they Arayan’s descended from before that. They were called the Thetans.
    What no one realizes is that the Thetans were actually Aliens. They were a group of scientists from the Planet Mashlak, but for a reason forgotten and unknown to us, they were banished from Mashlak. They found their way to uninhabited Earth, and a bit of tinkering later they had created humans for servants. Their automans soon became very intelligent and the Thetans realized that they were going to be overrun by their creations. So they took the memories from their creations and placed them instead in small empty minded creatures that were already living on Earth. They renamed us C.A.T.’s and we were the new guardians of their silly humans.
    The Thetan’s left, and it was up to us to make sure that the humans never found out about their origins. Good thing that the Thetan’s check in once in a while, because sometimes the humans get to curious, especially ones like Johnathan- history buffs and archaeologists are the worst. And he was both.
    I say was, because we CAT’s have to keep things under the hat somehow, and we do that by... modifying people.


    Johnathan woke with a horrible taste in his mouth, almost like he’d licked his own butt. Sitting up he tried to identify all the noises that were coming into his ears, it was never that noisy in his apartment. Opening his eyes with a snap he realized two things at once:
-His ears were moving
-and his hands and feet were no longer working the same....
    Johnathan jumped in surprise when he saw Pangerbon right in front of him, and immensly huge! And he smelled much stronger today...
While Pangerbon purred Johnathan came to one certain conclusion that he did not like at all.
“Welcome to C.A.T.” said Pangerbon.

© 2012 21pens

Author's Note

Please ignore the spelling errors, I'm terrible at spelling! Let me know what you think of the idea, and where you think it should go.

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