Jean Seberg is your angel of mercy

Jean Seberg is your angel of mercy

A Poem by Poet's act

Tell me did you cry hard in last night 
Was it all in one blow 
Where you discover 
Her heart is not in yours 
Melting rivers hurting ice 
Black breath on your neck 
Drunk walk without song 
Bird were there 
To keep wings from your sharp things 
Silent wisdom don't come 
Cry out once more 
Before night fall 
Find your pain like your best lover 
In dark 

Hold your self you shaking too much 
Sky is metal skin 
For you whole world in the spin 
For you I can be in my words 
For you my tears are frozen 
Blond goddess  Little like France Gall and little like Jean Seberg 
Here you are in hot bad 
Blade razor like heart 
Waiting for right moment 
Now ring door bell 
Angel from heaven come for you 
Jean Seberg is great angel 
Jazz and party every day there 
Come I will grab you 

Wings are your bleeding wounds 
Her beauty your icon 
She is gentle like nurse of all wars 
She is use to of it 
Man are weaker and without hearts 
She implant one new organ 
Death is your lover 
Breath me now kiss me now 
Dance me now love me now 
Married me now birth me now 
And heaven gates was open like her wings 

Your pale flesh became her heart 
This is what you want it 
Became dormen heart of Jean S. 
Heavens like your room 
Posters and jazz records 
Blood on bed sheet 
Dry up 
She kiss you with almond juice 
Birth is in death 
You are my heart 
Stay with me out of crowd 
Keep me safe  in your room 
Hold me after noon 
With tea with her 
With Jean with Heart in clean 

© 2018 Poet's act

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......................... an intriguing & very creative poem indeed and accompanied by some iconic photos.. deserving of more hits..

Posted 6 Days Ago

thanks for sharing your poetry. I enjoyed this one.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Poet's act

2 Years Ago

Great I am happy you enjoyed . Thank you so much.

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2 Reviews
Added on September 1, 2017
Last Updated on November 3, 2018