My Argos

My Argos

A Poem by Ahasver

I walked alone with my straw hat and sea foam pipe 
I heard whispers of my heart 
I closed my eyes and world turn into fantasy 
I can reaching to any quest 
My youth living bloom at poetry 
Sky is empty without clouds 
Roses are here and even Lilies 
At my poetry is not anymore worries 

Not anymore lies or conspiracy 
Maybe just little darkness of my decadency 
Words are painted on each walls 
Wisdom women in black clothes 
Rose cross on her breathing chest 
Her hands are holding books of seduce 
Letters of violent lovers and shadows in midnight pubs 
Who can say 

And who can read 
My words at my inner bleed 
Kingdom of heaven and humanity 
Comedy of sensual duality 
Whispering into my ears 
Lips are moving like citadel 
Burning smokes over the hell
Toxic drinks in throats of mothers 

Promising broken bones 
At hospitals are nurse with angel wings 
They can give injections and smiles 
Numbers in each lines
Snowing in my knowing 

I complete my mission 
Finish my words into paper thoughts 
You can read or you can burn 
Love me now 
Or leaving my head 
Just to give clear signals 
Clear pain in my mind 
Open the back door in your dry garden 
Sunflowers are flowers in ashes 
Birds are dying in name of god 

Where are angels and where are wings 
Who will complete of my edition 
Who will make another submission 
Who will take me seriously 

Under shadows of past 
Relating events of peaceful heart 
Clementines of golden beast 
Queen is happy and queen is child 
Under knees are keys from sacred chambers 
I see them at your mind 
Meaning of horror and joy full touch 
Maybe tomorrow all will be in light 

You walking with me like my book 
All my memories in your wondering look 
We painted in snow 

Another poem 
Another kiss 
Another sensual bliss 

© 2018 Ahasver

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Added on December 30, 2017
Last Updated on November 2, 2018