My magical mind of Dyspraxia

My magical mind of Dyspraxia

A Poem by Persona of emotional dysregulation

Deep inside under my ram skull
There is magical world of my chaotic thoughts
I can relate to any kind of subject floating at my personal universe
My eyes are projectors of my imagination

Looping ideas around my crazy neurons
Feelings of empathy under my words
I can see stars through mist of dying planets
I can open any secrets and mystery

I can talk with my death friends and lovers
I can forgive to my abusive fathers
There is  elegance on every beautiful end
Flowers are perfect in black hair of my a friend 

When I peaking with you
My mind floating over dreamy hypnotic land
Colorful eyes in colorful dreams
Summer or winter all seems great to me

My mind always set me happy and free
Wisdom can splash me with your deep kisses
In our secret garden of magical herbs
We wondering under dark oak trees

Listen to sing of green leaves
Feel like that English king about green sleeves
Cause I love your company at my captivity
Our delight for our fantasy play

My memory its funny game
I cannot recall anything what happen 5 minutes ago

But still here
But still in deep compassion of love
I can brought vivid pictures of my heaven and hell
Your smiles are my awards

I don't need thousand reviews and thousand likes
I need you at my arms full of you
I need your flesh in your soul
I need you like my poetic flow

Roses are beautiful when you give them freedom in they roots
Same like a me
Same like my a world
Let me be who I am

And accept my mind with wild craziness
See me my dreams and my sorrow at my loneliness
Hearing my voice through true of my words
I give up lying few months ago

Only what I can offer is true love
Without ornaments and without precise frames
Love is powerful at my brainy flames
Calm eyes in calm smoke of night fires

End of the cowards and end of the liars
My mind its my private cinema
You can became me
You can loving me

© 2018 Persona of emotional dysregulation

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Your poetry is beautiful, as always, but this particular line stopped me in my tracks, as an image as old as humanity. It stands alone to me as perfect. It creates images in my mind, of warmth, of safety, of long ago. I can smell the fire, I can see the dark, I can feel the peace. This is one of the best lines of poetry I have ever run across. It is up there with T.S. Eliot's "April is the cruelest month."

"Calm eyes in calm smoke of night fires"

Superb, Martin.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Persona of emotional dysregulation

1 Year Ago

Thank you very much. I was actually really read it again right now. I find quiet few grammar mista.. read more

1 Year Ago

I find Eliot hard to understand myself. I just love that line about April, and think it's one of the.. read more
Persona of emotional dysregulation

1 Year Ago

I see there is always something to be find in between so many poets.

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1 Review
Added on May 1, 2018
Last Updated on October 27, 2018


Persona of emotional dysregulation
Persona of emotional dysregulation

Mojave desert , CA

I was born with Dyspraxia I was born with Autism I struggle with P T S D I struggle with emotional dysregulation. All this things don't make me better poet. But All these things mak.. more..