Ecthasy of Catarsy

Ecthasy of Catarsy

A Poem by Ahasver

In blue skies of metalic smokes 
Dreams are influecing your reality 
Fire flower of sensual unstability 
Deep heating sea waves of nude
Naked women is holding pearl 
Black ebony sun is melting sand 
Decreasing foams of last minutes 
Stormy weather of wild hearts 
Dancing stars are on blue skies 
Memories are held behind the touch 
Curly hair have scent of horse blood 
In her eyes you can regornize 
Fires in smokes of lost paradise 
Her lips are inivitation for nocturno 
You are come in closer into her camera 
Frame is burning in her ebony sun 
She take you deep into black flame 
Sweating teeth are holding your tongue 
Swimming throught the spins of a Venus 
Raise up like Aphrodite in your hands 
Face is come in closer to your heart 
Sucking sounds are best music records 
Turn on another side-------------------------B 
Euphoric smooth connections 
Under surface of clandestino sounds 
Pearls are covering intimate parts 
You can feel your own life 
Streaming--------------pulsing into beautiful shell 

Preservations of love atributes 
Hands are pushing into field of pregnancy 
Echo of moan in throat of beauty 
Resonance in sexual waves 
Wild landscape is moving in eruptions 
Delibatery you are slave of sexual love 
Sanctuary women is leading you 
From dark technology of precision 
Into improvisations of free expressions 
You don't need anymore to cut your dreams 
Coffee can burn your sensual lips 
But inside you can feel that famous bliss 
Nirvana of penetration into your soul 
Twisting wind will make you naked 
In sexland of her artistic culture 
You can forget names and assumptions 
Direct of real life is changing your mind 
You can still feel chains of morality of false 
When she does her things in your sleep 
Adorations are fusing with lowest dreams 
Accept or you return into hell 
She is moving behind your left arm 
You can feel her faster heating breath 
Stabbing ---------------throbbing motions of her body 
Pulsing blood is in waves of red sea 
Infinity of your life is real 
You are watching how she dress up 
In front of your mirror ="">

© 2019 Ahasver

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Added on January 14, 2019
Last Updated on January 14, 2019