Crazy Place

Crazy Place

A Story by Emmy Cannon

This place filled with no love, no hope and all fears. It feels great being strapped to a bed and stuck with pointy objects with strange colour liquid shot up into my pale strained body. They say:

"Damn, and she was going so far."

How I got to this state of fear and hopelessness is a whole different story. It all started about 5 years ago.

I was engaged to my handsome fiance Derek. So kind, so sweet, such a save person to be around. He had the darkest brown hair, and the deepest green eyes. His tall buff body and protectiveness was always a good thing in my sad scared eyes.

As a child I was beaten, for years and years. By my acholic father and drunk in love mother. I had many scars and never wore tshirts because the schools would ask if everything's alright at home.

The first time someone saw my scars I was in high school. Mr. Terra some them and kept me after class to talk about it. I put on a fake smile though and said its just a few bruises, damn door.

It got worse though. The school called him and asked if there was anything they should know. When I got home that day I literally got knock out by both of my parents. My bleach blonde blue eyed pale skin skinny body just stuck lying on the ground in a state of unconsciousness. How did it come this far?

After high school I moved out right away, I had saved up at least 3000 dollars to move far away from them. So I hopped a bus and came to the town I am in now. Hunnybrugs. It was a small community of people but they were all nice. And over time my scars healed and so did my fears. They were wallowing away those ugly fears. Then that's when I met my fiancé Derek.

He didn't know much but he knew how to contain my fear and love. We got engaged only months later but his family loved the fact he was getting married.

But at the engagement party something happened. My mother and father showed up. They found me and started yelling and screaming at me. They also held a gun each. It was so scary. Shot were getting fired and Derek, oh my sweet Derek, tried to protect everyone. He attacked my father but my drunk in love mother shot him twice. I screamed and attacked my mother ripping the gun out of her hand and beating her. My father picked me up and threw me on the ground putting the gun to my hand and running away as the cops rolled in. They blended in with the crowd and now.

Now I'm here. Having shots of strange liquids that make me sleepy, and pills that make me
clam. The cops say I did it because of my parents. But no they did it. Because of them I'm stuck living in a cell with a rotted cot and no Derek.

And in this crazy place. I am no one. A person with no hope and no love. Only fear.

© 2014 Emmy Cannon

Author's Note

Emmy Cannon
Sorry that it's just like the other one. I really liked the style.

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I like the darkness of this tale. you really feel for the woman and that is before you get to the end. I think it does put out a power message surrounding child abuse. it is quite the journey in a relatively small amount of text. This deserves praise. A few mistakes but easily ironed out. I really feel for the woman locked up in that crazy place.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Wow, this is a crazy, wild ride. I hope it's fiction and never happened. I was neglected as a child, but never beaten. Children should enjoy safe, happy home lives, not hell.

Posted 8 Years Ago

K.N. Thorn

8 Years Ago

I agree with that wholeheartedly!
You have a lot of potential with this story, you need to revise it one good time you have several easy mistakes. I hope you continue off of this one.

Posted 8 Years Ago

an emotional story to say the least well written, emmy.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Emmy Cannon

8 Years Ago

Thanks Surya!

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Emmy Cannon
Emmy Cannon

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