The Duck Pond

The Duck Pond

A Chapter by Edwina

The cat is out of the bag

Two days passed, and Brenda phoned Mrs. Wilson to see if it would be alright to leave the Victorian dresser with her until a decision was made on the house.  It would be "quite alright," and Harriet assured Brenda that she was doing the right thing in trying to acquire the Blundon's Queen Anne. Too many people had dared to suggest a demolition for the "cursed" home, but Mr. Griffin, of course, would have none of that !

Brenda unpacked more dishes for her Saturday "Sale" table, and stopped working to have a light tea. Daniel had been silent for awhile because he said he had a "special case" that he couldn't talk about "just yet." Despite the hint of Fall in the air, the romantic Miss Grayson wanted to wear a pink dress when she saw him again, hopefully, by then, she would have the best news to share.

When he finally called on Friday afternoon, she said she wanted to meet him at the Duck pond in the park. He found that amusing, and said he would be there at 1PM.

She paced and twirled a silk daisy between her fingers. Her pink dress looked like something actress Kim Novak would wear. Daniel gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. They wanted to keep their affair a secret. She had bought Cheerios for the ducks, and geese. 

Daniel tossed a hand full of the tiny o's to a grey goose, then talked about the case he was working on. He described it as "a very nasty thing", and that the arrests hinged on one small photograph found at the scene of a heroin overdose. That was all he could say, and Brenda didn't push him for more details.

She said she had a surprise for him. She was going to buy the Blundon house ! The historical Society and bank were in full agreement that she should have it. Mr. Griffin had called and given her the great news just before he left for a "Lord Baltimore" celebration. 

Daniel felt a little insecure about it, but he was happy for her. Where would that leave him ? Would Brenda be High Society ? Would she meet a rich man, and neglect him ? 

He kept his fears to himself. Their age difference was a bit of a trial, at least for other people, if they learned how close the two had become. He rather liked her little apartment above the Locksmith's shop. After the Cheerios vanished, Daniel drove her past the Blundon house, and they parked on Oglethorpe Street staring at it. 

He had seen it several times during his police rounds, and knew very little about the history, but felt that it was a good investment. Brenda was excited. She was woman of the hour. And she would do anything for Daniel. Small town life suddenly took on a new urgency.

C J. Marks

© 2013 Edwina

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Added on December 3, 2013
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The House On Oglethorpe Street



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