Half Comedy in Light of Logic

Half Comedy in Light of Logic

A Poem by w2de35657u687y4324rf

Son        of Ephesus

Laden with golden bracelets

In the daylight

By green constants

He needs

O’ life.


In Spite the seas

Flood once so often:

Like Nile’s polar shift,

But Boy forgets,

Arms dazzle       blindly

He is      ‘beautiful’.




Wanderer            of Ukiyo

Bare-backed on the drunk

Floating World

In sake bogs

And machinations.


He recollects the din

And swindles women

(In spite of himself)

Blistered feet rock the shore

He is      enlightened.




Two little boys

Orphaned by the God

Only one pleads to

On the crowned opposite

Of the known world.




When the moon blends

Her paper fairy skin with sun’s passion

And Ukiyo shipwrecks

Into Ephesus

Shadow-cast cities open up

Upon Christian churches.


Boy meets boy/ as sin to seraph,

Thanatos stands in the backdrop

Of Adam’s paradise/

Unreality of Apple Trees.

And by the Art of scatology

Scholasticism becomes secular

And golden bracelets wind up

As archeological evidence

Of a changed world.


So triumphed                    the ill

B******s of Chinese rebellion

Who dine in disgrace


 And irony has it,

Just to bore against the city/ now of ash

That enlightened boy

Broke the back of every Christian

And ascended, godly, into uberman.



© 2012 w2de35657u687y4324rf

Author's Note

This is not a critique of religion, just my feelings towards it. I originally began writing the poem to poke fun at a couple of my friends. It still remains that way, but it is slightly more serious. Please do not try to debate religion here. If you would like me to post a more logical, philosophical poem on the nature please contact me and it shall be done. Thank you kindly.

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I take it by Ephesus you are pointing to the early catholic cabal that decided the fate of conflicting doctorine? That puts great emphasis on the subjective selectivity of the early Church and how doctorine was "tweaked" to suit their needs. If so, Brilliant!! It's nice to see another poet willing to question ALL of the Western assupmtions. Well done! And yes, I would like to see the other poem.

Posted 8 Years Ago

love the brocade of classic eloquence~how it entwines metaphor with delivery~to create a visual tapestry for the audience on which moves not just action but emotion~

{youR author's note is precious =)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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