Nine Lives

Nine Lives

A Story by denisepauline

we all have to act at times, we all have to lie in some ways but it makes a difference. it makes a change.


Death comes in different ways. Either you ran out of air or you ran out of reasons to live. Or maybe, you just lost your will. Preferably, death is a matter of perception. It all depends.

            Enter High School"the world’s most dangerous civilization and interaction. Here, we play the most important games and gamble with reputation. We fight the most important battles then nurse a broken heart. But the most important thing is to win. Victory defines the line in which you stand.

Deadly but very fun.   

Jessie may have gotten the best present ever. Her nature’s description: unforgiving. That’s why everyone thought it was so sweet when she and her ‘mortal enemy’, Nathan, started dating, wanting to have a real thing. Just then, someone came back to squeeze in her heart. Someone she thought she had lost forever. But even with that she juggles everything nicely"Nathan, Michael, Nathan, Alexa, Nathan, Jasper, Nathan, School magazine, Nathan, studies… and oh, yeah, NATHAN. As if. Or so, she wishes. Then to top things, an anonymous keeps on sending ‘dark’ messages to Nathan about her mistakes in the past. Her very own mess she tried to escape. But that isn’t even the problem"it’s trust. Blaring rumor in the campus: the favorite love team gone in just a month. Nathan just can’t give up when things are just hanging. And he could’ve succeeded, if only the secret wasn’t revealed"the one secret that brought scandal among the popular. Now Jessie has to find her own self and tries to conquer her first ever heart break by risking everything she’s got. Sometimes, it takes one to be alone to know who you really are. And being the newly single Jessie, she doesn’t go home the loser.

Alexa understands her best friend and tries to help Jessie as she goes under a rough situation. But it’s hard to sympathize… when she’s got something to be happy about for the first time. The scheming, proud and smart Alexandra gets surprises of her own. Happiness is a rare bonus for people like her"for people who get all that they want and stay as a survivor. Double happiness is even rarer, for all people alike. And what’s the catch? She began to feel confused and stuck on what to do next. Why do these fluttering, giddy feelings make her seem vulnerable? Now she better be ready…because this time around she can’t have both things she wanted at the same time. But knowing her, she’ll deliver a grand exit to make everything right…everything that is going nasty that is.

Enter Michael, Jessie’s childhood sweetheart… back in town, back in her life. Back to the game… to rival every good-looking guy in the school ESPECIALLY the one who broke Jessie’s heart. The silent, mysterious but fun guy got the dream guy package. But getting that package along with his heart is the ultimate challenge. It’s not that anyone hasn’t attempted; everyone just failed. Michael takes a bet when he chooses to go back to reconnect with Jessie. But he has a price to pay for wanting it so badly.

Happy-go-lucky Jed is the guy with no problems. That’s because he doesn’t take anything as big deal except for his girlfriend, Abigail. Then the typical guy meets the complicated pair: Jessie and Alexa. And a complicated situation unfolds as the uptight girlfriend scoffs at the two girl friends. Jed finds out that he has to make a decision…if he still wants to be happy. And as if he can’t get any luckier, he holds the key to something that could scandal the batch. Something that can destroy, something that can upset his sister …something he may always have been wishing but something he knew in his heart that he never wanted to do.

Snobbish Ken is always bored. Oh sure, he’s got great friends that for him were just companions, easy life that was well, really easy…but what’s the point? He wanted to know the answer to that. Then he met Alexandra. That’s the point that he revolved on ever since. But seduction always lurks around the corner, as Eunice tries to befriend him that lead to the first plan Ken devised in this game…only to find himself in a one spiteful catfight. Ken explores reasons, gestures and emotions to stay. And for once, he learned how to gamble with determination in order to get the answer"because it’s the only chance he’s got.

Suddenly Nathan is looking up; despite of the mess he made, can he still make it better? He may be the first in the history to get a second chance with Jessie. But here comes Eunice, speaking up to him, giving advice. Ironic, Nathan thinks. This was the girl he always wanted…the most popular ever since their first year. So Nathan sides up to her, wanting Jessie but liking Eunice. This leaves out Hannah in the picture"the pained best friend who was losing everything dear to her. Playing, shallow Nathan now needs to dive deeper into himself and to find what he really wants. And do something before it’s too late.

Sweet and bubbly but you-don’t-want-to-mess-with-her Hannah is the girl in her prime. The cheerleader that is the president of the student council, an honor student like Jessie and Alexa, the friendliest girl and things like that she is. Also, she’s got Dexter as her boyfriend who’s funny, cool and not to mention the school artist. And by the way, she’s the confidante of Nathan. The thing is she could’ve lost it all in one day or at least within the span of the one last school year. Hannah can lose all these good things in a snap… but then again, she’s got Alexa and Jessie to help her for something in return: Bad idea or good decision?

Jed’s stepsister is one heck of a girl. Eunice Parker wins the hearts of the teachers without effort, gets the attention of older boys without effort, slides out of any fight without effort just fake, conjured tears…but, here’s one fight that the entire school should never miss. It would take a lot more than tears to slide this one, even with her super plastic front act. Now it is official, she has got to make effort to match up the unbreakable pair"Jessie and Alexa. But in her ultimate game of charm, she finds herself in falling in love when she least expected it. This may foil with everything else. This may foil…with her own self. In the end, she may end up being the one with the reputation on the mud. But she’s not going down without inflicting some damage at least.

Abigail Walker, girlfriend of punk boy romantic Jed and high school’s resident party girl, is about to change for the better? No way, you may think. But yes way, it will be. Jed’s getting tired of their on and off relationship status and very frustrated with her always running off to her bitchy group…then again, he loves her and Gail knew it. When she gets in trouble, he’s the only person she turns to. Jed is easily satisfied at that. When she learns of Jed and Alexa’s budding friendship, she forces him to choose. Thing is, if he chooses the other, she is very well left alone. Back-up plan: Michael is to be her new partner in case he leaves her. He has got to accept her deal… she’s as hot as anyone he dates. Only if she gets pass Jessie, who’s protective of her best friends.

Self-worth, Power, Hope, Courage, Happiness, Acceptance, Friendship, Love and Change… they’re your prizes. In this game of deception, you can only have one shot to belong, but to survive; it’s like you have to use nine lives.

© 2010 denisepauline

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this is just a summary to a book i wanna write. any suggestions and comments? please? :))

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