Death do us part

Death do us part

A Story by emily

Short, depressing, attempt to invoke thought

Death is a wish for some, a relief for many, and an end to all. Death is eternal rest. Death is a mystery, that's for sure. No one knows if there is life after death, or if there is heaven or hell, or if it is just a dreamless sleep. One thing is for sure though, in death there is no reality. There is no war or crime. There is no hatred or love. There is no feelings of anger, sadness, or envy. There is just a body, an object, once with a life and a history, now just a stone cold being. In death, there is nothing more than existing. You will continue to exist thousands of years from now. You will be remembered for the things you create in your life time.

© 2019 emily

Author's Note

This was written late at night when I was doing some thinking. It's definatey not one of my best writtings but I felt like I had to write it down anyway

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This is a thought-provoking collection of thoughts about death & I think it's well worth writing & sharing. I think very few acknowledge how often people want to die & glorify the idea of dying. In this poem, you do that a little bit. You assume there is no more war, etc. But even that, we really don't know. There could be other worlds even worse than this one. In life, it seems that the universe can serve up ever-more-appalling events, so why not in death, as well? This is perfectly stated in an open-ended way, to invite discussion, rather than to try to advance any certain doctrine. To me, this point of an essay is to provoke discussion, which you've done well (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 5 Months Ago

The way I see death is that it is an insult. Life is the greatest gift the universe could offer. We are gods as long as we live. The universe naturally evolves into an order of higher matter, this higher matter forms life as we know it. We are a natural byproduct of the universe. This means the universe wants us here, we aren't meant to die. In order for the universe to keep on going then it needs life to regulate it, otherwise it will use up all the resources and just die out in a couple of billions of years, life was created to preserve the universe. Not only this but I can prove that humans have a soul, death is in fact the greatest insult to the universe. That is how I feel about the subject matter and thought this a great place to post it. I am optimistically about life.

Posted 5 Months Ago

Greatness is remembered.
Bad b******s seem to be remembered.
The rest of us, who knows.

Posted 5 Months Ago

Death's really just a wish of mine.

Posted 5 Months Ago

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I am 17 born on August 4, 2002. I like to make friends on this site so feel free to message me whenever. I enjoy writing poetry but most of the time the words sound good in my head, but fall apart onc.. more..

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