dark angel dull point

dark angel dull point

A Poem by Rayree Parker

In the process of slowly moving just came ac ross this old journal entry

Dark Angel Dull Point 

Dark angel, dull point, with your warm black embrace
you seem strangely holy inside my heart at times
You singing so soft & lovely to me in my dreams late at night
Now Its time please let me go, I know you have never strayed 
 Always in my ear, quiet please, at least let me attempt to be me
Cant spin out over you, done being true to you ,.. and only you  
Your voice wakes me at dawn when i dont give you what u want 
 Ok one last warm black embrace strangely holy inside my heart 
I am leaving first thing tomorrow its time to love you from a far
So  just in case i dont see you thank you You shared with me Everything that a masquerade parade is capable of concealing 
Thank you for loaning me that blanket to cover my insecure fears
Mostly I want to thank you for how to shed a real true tear    

© 2013 Rayree Parker

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This was beautiful and I could really relate! :) As I read this, I couldn't help but smile because each line hit home and was what I was feeling emotionally. I had a tough day and having my boyfriend cancel plans on me once again made me realize how my feelings should really be steered. I cried a bit, which I believe shows that I care about him, but yet, inside I am angry because of how I constantly put in every ounce and time of my effort to him, yet he can't bother to keep plans in check without having to cancel because something else had come up. I may be a patient woman, but after being treated like how I have been, I believe it is time to put my foot down and tell him straight on what I am thinking. How I am feeling and that if things don't change, then some other things will.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Rayree Parker

7 Years Ago

THANK-YOU-for reading it responding :) wow i can see how this poem could relate to what u just descr.. read more
I Am Svetlana

7 Years Ago

You are welcome for my honest words, dear writer :) The "old" me would simply let his actions slide .. read more
Rayree Parker

7 Years Ago

key words there different "approach with his actions" dont settle for lip service :)
Good poem! Very well stated!

I like your writing style. I can tell that your words are conceived from pure emotion. You don't restrict your poems to lines structure that just sounds good. Just pure emotion and that's what good writing is all about my friend!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Rayree Parker
Rayree Parker

the coast that shall not be named.... , CA

I watch the world and it seems to flow out on to paper without a choice ... And yes..,it may or may not could have been bout u if it sounds familiar maybe our paths met ?even just for a second? .. I w.. more..