A Poem by E-man

the lights are off
the house is dark
i sit looking off into the deep shadows of the night
the sick shadowy figures are causing me so much fright
are these the sick demons sent to me from hell?
or some dark angels that fell
can they really be angels dressed in black?
no, that can't be i take that back
must be some sick creature from satan
who else can cause so much pain to one?
they should just hurry and get it done
now whats that rattle
that noise
is it someone elses voice?
it sounds like its coming from the floor
or is it just my door?
they're at my door
god almighty please spare me
can't you do something to save me?
they're going to tear down the whole wall
knock the door off its hinges
come in tear everything and let it fall
they've come to infect me with their seringes
they'll kill me just to let my blood flow
satan master of torture even for you this is an all time low
and as time goes by my despiration will grow
they will tear me limb by limb
i can't take so much agony
god,if your not going to help me out at least take me out of my misery
wait there is nothing there just a mere tree
but how can that be?
everything was just so real
i could really feel
feel them ripping through my skin
i could have seen them that evil red eye
i saw how i was going to die
the horrible red eyes staring at me
how can it be?
it was all in my head
yet i still wish i was dead
things will never be alright
i am a man that will cry myself to sleep tonight

© 2009 E-man

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That was a good depiction of paranoia.
The first part reminded me of "A Beautiful Mind," just the whole paranoid schizophrenia.
Then as I kept reading it seemed more like 'The Geroin Diaries,' Y'know...
'you' were seeing demons and satans angels around you,
[I might be rambling]
But this poem sort of makes you think about how the paranoia was induced.

I liked it all the same though.
Nice work.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on March 7, 2009



Hollister, CA

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