Painted by the Wind

Painted by the Wind

A Poem by vanila bean

Two people being in love but the different skin colors tear them apart will this be the end i f their love or the start?

Love knows no limit only in which the heart sets
I never knew loving you would be at the top of my many regrets
People always thought my heart never belong to you
The color of our skin does not define us only the struggles we overcame
The color is only the thing we painted into the sky
The skin is not something real but fake pretend
They thought we could never be they were blind when It seemed i was the only one who could see
Maybe loving you was a mistake
Maybe leaving so much of my love so much of my heart at stake
This thought leaves me wide awake
My skin was ebony painted by the wind sun kissed by the air Your was tainted with the snow and clouds on a summer day 
Your love captured my heart it washed all my pain away
But at last you thought this was a game
You said No that will always hurt me just the same
They didn't see past the color I am starting to think you did to instead of looking at what was true that I loved you
What you didn't realize was we were both paintings we were painted in the wind
You let peoples words affect you that's why are love can never be
I guess you will always be blind while I always see
How could you not see beyond the looks? They are only skin deep
How could you not see past skin it's only a color a brand
I guess to little to late cause now I am realizing my mistake
I wish I could turn the clock back and prove I am the one for you
But now I think that is not true
One day you will see then you will not be blind you will see just like your mind color is blind
Love is in falling but rising after you fall I have you to thank after all you were the one who made me fall
Love changed my coarse changed it all
I guess we are like paintings we are indeed painted by the wind I guess you did not understand that then
We could have been magic but you said No now are story is tragic
I guess we are being seperated like then and now seperated by what painted us I guess you got what you wished to never have me love you again 
Ah know this you will always be my first love my one heart you will always be above
I fell in love with the idea of being in love I am sorry its hard to fall in love even harder to fall out but what you didn't realize what the world's people didn't realize was our almost love was PAINTED BY THE WIND!

© 2013 vanila bean

Author's Note

vanila bean
This is about a certain person, my first love even though he never really loved me I guess our love will always be painted in the wind!

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Never let them say your love is wrong it doesn't matter skin color background hobbies not even where we come from if u love someone love them do so with all your heart even if that person doesn't love you still love them just the same love is a excellent emotion but as we all learn no matter age we all know this just the same love is blind u just have to be willing to find love makes u blind it doesn't matter what is on the outside love is in the journey you will face the pain but love is what we gain love is unpredictable u never knew when u fall but the thing is you always fall so later u rise love is unpredictable u never know u could love the person you swore you would never love or maybe u will love the person u were against since the start u never know love makes of crazy it changes our views the best words u could ever say to a person is I love you what is your definition of love? To me love is the single thing that can tear a man down without a sound it is the thing that keeps balance the harbor of love and hate the thing that determines are fate love is the road in which you get to your destination it's the thing every person craves to feel love is the heart the heart in which it beats that is what love is to me! :) vb

Posted 10 Years Ago

hey its exotic beauty. guess what? i saw this poem by someone named Droplets..i thought you might want to read can relate a lot to it..

Tears crawling down her cheek,
anger rises,it beings to peak,
without thinking, without warning,
it's their love that she is mourning.

Her sadness unleashed, much too wild,
she cries and screams just like a child,
uncontrolling, undevoting,
it's his love that she is loathing.

What to fix, where to start,
darkness creeps across her heart,
forever cracked, forever broken,
it's her life that he has sunken.

Voices constantly in her mind,
she begs them please just to be kind,
never pretty, never thin,
she lets them out on to her skin.

Scars are memories, her reminder,
to tell the voices they must be kinder.
she is pretty, she is thin,
she no longer lets them out on her skin.

Posted 10 Years Ago

i love it haley. hey my name is exotic beauty. im your partner in The Amazing Race in ms.millers class. youll know who i am.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Thank you! Vb,

Posted 10 Years Ago

Very honest,vibrant and universal's moving, I love every words of it. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Hope you luv it! Comment please thx vb, :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on March 10, 2013
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vanila bean
vanila bean


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