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 Chap1                                         One day ago i found out that i had special powers and that there are alot more people like me. I saw the guy that was in charge of the special group of people with powers. It turned out they want me to join the special society. I also found out I'm being chased by mortals and there leader Koukouyamai. She's the only special power person she killed master Toeshido so she could clame the crown. Me and Koukouyamai grew up together but she choose the wrong side when they found her. Now i'm in third command and there is alot of new kids i have to teach tokamai and i think he has potential. I have to teach him not to trust the enemy but he still didn't learn his powers so we are watching him. Once they find out about there powers we track them to join or team.

Chap2                                        Now we found more kids to teach and tokamai has learned much since i have been teaching him. He is very powerful and can control his power he is now in second command and i'm in first. He is actually so good he is teaching other kids that are new. He actually has his own team called alphathey are one of the best teams. They help our society very much by defeating alot of enemy's. But his team still isn't powerful enough to be as strong as me. There actually is a new kid that is training his name is katasamai and he has potential just like tokamai. they are very strong and kinda like brothers. Something tells me he is a spy for Koukouyamai because i saw them together talking about taking over the school. So now i trying to prove that he is working with the enemy's leader.

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73v1n the unbelieveable
add me pleasezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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chapters are to short, but i like the story idea, it could be alot better.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on September 3, 2009


73v1n the unbelieveable
73v1n the unbelieveable

Orefield, PA

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