Ego of Lusana

Ego of Lusana

A Story by U. M. Jackson

Sifi thriller

As the clock was ticking, Po was getting so frightened and emotional in his actions so fast in everything he was doing at the moment. The moon brightly over shadowed the sun rays as the trees hid the lights above their heads; and the path was all blurry and darkened. The forest creatures had their time to keep up with the custom of as they usually do.
Po had his van parked in which he fell asleep, highly computerised with a number of screens and all sorts of gadgets which he did not give attention to, he had his trunk opened disbanding all that were inside to all over the floor in the small spaced vehicle. Then there was an alarm coming from one of the speakers. He very fast scrambled through the untidy floor till a chair placed in the center, where he got an insight of the cause of the alarm as he scrutinized his screens.
‘Come on, what is out there!’ He got touch of his keyboard tuning from one footage to another till he got to one footage expressing a huge tail railing to a bush in a slow pace. ‘Gatcha!?’
He got himself a mission to take while he got his protective gears donned to himself gloves a heat jacket, a helmet and a highly advanced mode of a gun slim and long with a big back. This was something he seemed to have been preparing for in a long time.
He had hopped out from the back of the van, closed and the helmet screen came up with digits and showing data on the transparent glass Po made his vision from.
‘Lusana detected,’ was blinked in the center of the screen.
‘Time to be famous,’ Po said as he started following the arrow his device would now and then show him. Rushing through the shrubs and the hedges dodge the tree stems and skip over some few streams he had encountered then suddenly his screen ran blank and printed ‘logical error!’
Po then embarked on hitting the sides of the helmet he had worn, which seemed to have no effect till he found no use to waste more efforts in error displayed. It became quiet, not even a single creature of the forest was making a sound at the point he stood. Not even wind was blowing around.
‘This damn helmet,’ he agitated furiously taking it off his head; to realise the air around him was not breathable, his watch at once made flashes of beeping red light alerting of the danger of losing his life if he never put it back. Of which he got the helmet back onto his head.
Po then started respiring so fast in the helmet, however it seemed it was not yet even safe in the helmet, for he still felt being choked. A tough difficulty in breathing however much tried to breath. He then got by something from his back that got him falling aver on the spiral vegetation as the carpet so green and glowing. He stared at it amazed with what he was seeing.
He got nausea and fell to a dream, more of a memory, when he was sitting staring at a beautiful lady who had a pot which had a plant that she handed to him, while they were both on a bed. While he tried to check what plant was in the pot, it was spiral green dead plant had found, but in the memory he grew angry as the girl grew sad and he ushered the lady a slap and threw the pot against the wall that broke into multiple pieces, and soil spread all over the floor. The lady grew angry as she stood by the open window when Po bothered to check on her, she was at the verge of jumping off the skyscraper, and while he raced to stop she made a soundless statement that he observed.
‘I still love you,’ she had said and off she fell; the memory ended in the glaring brightness of the light from that he couldn't see through. He woke up and noticed he was lying close to his car.
‘Wow, I made it! How?’ he got to his feet.
The radar showed there was a strange creature still closing by. Running fast to his destination. He got his set to fire when it emerges to his sight.
‘Po!’ Said a lady seeming close to him. He looked around when he saw her amble with a smile, her fingers feeling the surface of his van, she was a lot relaxed.
A sound of cracking branches pronounced from his back.
‘Did you hear that?’ Po inquired while his gun led his viewing.
‘Po,’ the lady continued, which got his attention.
‘Who are you anyway?’ Po asked, while the attack dispersed by his radar.
‘You know me,’ said the lady, the little light around lit her face and Po discovered it was the lady who fell off the building in his memory.
‘How is it possible!’
‘I never died dear, I always lived, and I live for you.’
‘Come here you,’ Po put his swing behind him and took off the helmet again, the lady trotted to him.
‘How I missed you,’ she said as she gave in a hug.
‘I found what you tried to show me,’ he undid the hug, smiling back as she got her hand to take. ‘It is somewhere in this place; I promise you I will never get angry about whatever you’ll show me.’
‘Of course you won’t,’ she smirked, facing a side in despair.
‘Oh dear, what would the matter be?’
‘I wanted us to be happy, live a life we always wanted in New York, with you in the job we got admitted in.’
‘Look Frankie,’ he kissed her hands, ‘I found something that would make us rich, famous, earn respect; we could live a life of high expectations.’
‘No Po,’ she grew desperate, ‘this thing you are looking for is never tamed, it mightier than any human technology, it can destroy planets and universes before you try to trap such a creature.’
‘At least I can try, beside I’m going in as a friendly fellow�"!’
‘Many have died trying to catch but only chanced to see it, it knows your heart.’
‘You know,’ he squinted his eyes at her, ‘while I heard you voice in the beginning of this session, I configured in my thoughts about you, what happened to you, why I never saw you all my life till now; you had serious damage in your skull, I tended to see you recover while I mourned for you, before I knew we got you buried.’
‘Perhaps you should let me finish,’ he revived his gun back to his hands, ‘I am living a piece of day knowing you had gone forever, and only return when I join and would be a way of living with things I love most.’
‘Please,’ she drew tears in her face, when he faced the other end leaving for her his back.
‘I have no reason to say anything more to you. I believe you don’t exist anymore and; to hell with you my life,’ he pointed the gun at her as she pleaded to be spared. Po never listened at all and shot the lady in the forehead with tiny green round lasers which turned her whole body to ashes.
The wrist watch started beeping again more pronounced, and radar started showing multiple red dots flocking towards him from all directions. He got into his van and de-encrypting codes to unleash automated guns from different sides of the van.
‘It is time to make a name.’ He started to see through his screens changing again the footage from cameras to another which all had no evidence of anything he was hunting for.
‘You’ll never love what you will see,’ echoed Frankie’s voice through his speakers.
‘Go away�"!’ A creature portrayed appearing small with long mouths like that of a crocodile which the lights around the car got it racing towards the vehicle. ‘Let me go.’
Po deliberately pressed the red button he had all along wanted to press, and his time was right. The automated guns started shooting laser bullets at the strange creatures of the woods, Po just kept reassuring that the guns did their job well, and he made his cameras take photos. The creature never thought of stopping to attack as many victims of it’s kind perished to dust.
The radar never stopped to alert the invasion of more creatures coming so furious. Just as then he loaded another thick functional bar to a deck installed under a screen. There was no reason to make anymore sweat in combating the small creature. Po had time to keep seeking his treasure take post in his camera, but the pestering creature at the moment made a second thought and found its way fleeing in fear. Facetiously scattering within the bushes around.
There was silence for a while as there was nothing for the automatic gun to fight against. Po still kept his hopes high waiting, folding the arms of his jacket.
‘You have it in you, your death you’re to suffer,’ again Frankie’s voice rebounded.
‘Keep around and see me get to my breath taking victory at the end of my quest.’
There was another thwart coming, which got the van shaking, a rumbling deep sound coming from fat legged pig like creatures, which had a number of horns on their heads prior sharp and long.
Po’s guns got back to work shooting tirelessly at the creatures that took quite a while before they retreated back to where they came from. It was again another victory for Po. Large herds of more weird creatures came one after the other creatures. For three more rounds, Po had only registered in the wars he encountered.
‘I guess you have had a good time, lets see you die now.’
‘Never, take that back.’ Po laughed so loudly and rhythmically he made a short song that he danced to. Stretching himself was the activity he pledged to while he undonned the jacket he had on himself strolling to the driving side of the van. He found his phone displaying a number of notifications, even missed calls, but was moved by the text coming from a name: Jonah.
‘I have seen but I can’t bring it; just go home.’ The text said.
Fumes popping out of the ground he saw through the windscreen, he dared to start the car. Thereby ran to his operation room and activated the automated guns. Octopus-like hands got out of the car, this made him not to hesitate to start driving, while the automated guns continued shooting the giant fingers coming off the ground. Po was very fast in his driving.
The ground beneath started sinking he never stopped accelerating but the giant fingers were not affected by the endless shots aimed at them Po still had guts dodge the random elevations of the octopus fingers.
Over a sudden his van was hit from the back and it fell to the right end of the van. Po had his ears making a ringing sound. All his gadgets were not working. Even the van's engine had also stopped rumbling. The wind screen is still intact. But the soil continued to sink more over the point where his van lied its back being the first to start gliding on the dusty ground. Po was to start climbing to another door which he had quickly thought to do at that moment, yet his van was going fast and muscled to carry the heavy door that rocks were rolling over. Po was still able to make it to the sandy dusty surface, he to bare for the van was going in fast, he hopped off but at once followed the van.
He was saved by a strong root that had protruded that held his shirt floating over the fast dashing sand beneath. One octopus finger erupted in front of him which got him defenceless staring at it. Another finger popped to push him to fly high up he screamed as he stripped through the air.
He could see all the territories of the forest as he had a small camera embedded on his belt that he tapped just then to start performing its duties, a huge crocodile glowing was just staring at him come back to the ground, as much it covered a great chank of land made along with the ground.
In the cities around the world the recording was being broadcast within the streets which got flooded with people watching as the view started drawing closer to the obscure nature.
Po had his mind taken.
‘Well done my dear,’ said Frankie's voice, ‘you are gonna be a famous person.’
‘And you led me here.’
‘I’m still proud of you my love and you have a good reason to live.’
Before Po could reach the ground he heard his van alarm ringing which sounded like a rooster at point he struck the eye.
Po was sitting on the swiveling chair, his feet criss crossed on the dashboard in front of him and he ended the alarm. The back door of his black van got opened and Frankie was there looking sad as Po stood up to gape at her with golden lights glowing behind her. Frankie glared at him and then started to make a smile to get her teeth exposed.

© 2020 U. M. Jackson

Author's Note

U. M. Jackson
It is something I have completed for first time, don't mind grammar and vocabulary.

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Added on June 30, 2020
Last Updated on June 30, 2020
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U. M. Jackson
U. M. Jackson

JINJA, Eaetern, Uganda

I love writing anything in my mind but any project I would start, I barely get them done. more..