The Inner Thoughts Leak Out

The Inner Thoughts Leak Out

A Poem by 8petallotus

This is more of a spoken word piece that came to me one morning in the mists of a crisis. Some beautiful writing can be the product of some really messed up thought processes


The smell of Turkey makes me nauseous,

and I am cautious in situations like these.

Where the spiral of the world curls a twisted water slide

And I don't mind riding it all the way to the bottom.

I have let the world get to me

And I am bitter and Jaded because of it.

My use of the word I and mine have become over ratted,

And over used.

The findings of my studies are useless in deed,

When it is matched with a selfish disposition.

My pretentiousness sneers at these jeers

That I make against my character.

Still, my wandering eye confides to my Self ;

That this thought process is over rated and lonely.

So long did I wish the misunderstanding away

That when I was understood,

I mistook my awesomeness for a stale grave.

Lifted up from the place where I laid

A corpse, a dead body, rotten and decayed.

Though I still visit with flowers and good cheers,

The astounding amount of deceptions in lessons

Mold me on to another tomorrow.

The past lives on fully in my heart

With changing faces and places in the present.

Repression no longer serves me now,

As the side effects of times before are breaking out.

I take the sacrificial blade and spill my blood out on the floor;

Only to find it is dried, and warm no more.

The Dali Lama is convinced that we are servants by our selves,

It is the woven spiderweb of others that bring us down.

So I sit, and I have a fit;

Wondering on these spirits caught in a spiderweb.

If it is the friends that I have had

Which cause this pain in deceptions;

Then what is it that is left for me in my present condition?

I twirl and swirl, surrounded by ice

Forgotten and copping an attitude

That has broken the spoken word into fragmented pieces of my Spirit world.

In sooth, I am less then the lessons I have been taught;

For the lies have come to reside deep within my heart.

The smell of Turkey makes me nauseous,

And I am cautious in situations like these

Where the spiral of the world curls a twisted water slide

And I am down to ride it all the way to the bottom.

© 2013 8petallotus

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Added on December 31, 2013
Last Updated on December 31, 2013
Tags: Dali Lama, spiderweb, spider, Spirit, depression, turkey, thanksgiving, existentialism, exstential crisis



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