The House in Ardensvale

The House in Ardensvale

A Poem by Josh

The wood so worn, and dry in places.

That held a fear on all child's faces.

Their eyes that on it's majesty saw,

only the ghosts within its halls.


It's towers that rose into the sky,

that frightened the weak and made them cry.

And preyed on the many that walked at night,

too close to see such mortal fright.


Though none had ever remained as so,

within its rooms did evil grow.

And a family or two had died you see,

hidden within as tormented memories.


You see their faces, one by one;

as they peer upon the world so young.

From windows high and loft above,

unknowing still of afterlife's love.


So sing with me and bar the gates,

take up the lanterns and seal our fates.

For not one did we venture upon that soil,

to bicker or linger or loiter or toil.


Pray tonight that it burns down,

and releases us each, and this whole town.

For no house should carry such evil true,

one that scares both me and you.


For mercy's sake and guiding light,

let's end this torment on Hallow's night.

Keep the children safe and sound,

and hide them safely below ground.


For the witch's lantern still swings as such,

and the burning urge is all too much.

She calls her children home this night,

like fireflies to camp fire light.


I stared long and hard and felt,

all my courage at once did melt. 

For there upon the rotting boards,

did that ghoul find many chords. 


For which to spread my life against,

as I slowly backed up towards the fence.

And as I knelt and lost my life,

by my hand and my own knife.


What tormented dreams did it play,

against my bitter end they say.

For now I haunt its solemn halls,

and scrape them each with tiny claws.


For enter here and all beware,

that your own heart will have its scare.

and if you live to tell the tale,

of the house, in Ardensvale


© 2012 Josh

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Wow, well done! Very chilling indeed.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I loved this! The rhyming was smooth and flowed freely. The story was strong, beginning to end. Nicely done!

Posted 12 Years Ago

cool drums up images of new england in autumn lovely poem dark story

Posted 12 Years Ago

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