Chapter Two

Chapter Two

A Chapter by TheMizFit

Chapter II

What Blaze did seriously changed my view of him. And if you’re wondering, he was mad at that time. He only used quite big words when he’s mad, but even if he was, he sounded calm. Sad thing was, although it kind of changed my view of him, it didn’t affect Gena, even the slightest bit, I think. She still shouts at me like there’s no tomorrow, still slaps me. Whatever, it’s not like I’m not used to it. Plus, I won’t tell Blaze about it.

Okay, I should be happy now. It’s the first day of school. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. I already knew over the summer I’d be classmates with Blaze. Well, that’s a streak, ever since he came to the school he’s been my classmate. Oh yeah, this is my last year in high school so I really have to give this year my best shot.

I wore my school uniform and I loved it. I’ve been living with this kind of uniform since I’m in nursery; I wore a white blouse and a green checkered jumper in pre-school, a white blouse with checkered necktie with the school logo and a green checkered skirt in elementary, and finally, in high school, now, same thing in elementary only we don’t wear a necktie but some kind of green and black checkered ribbon.

It’s my obligation to always have a name tag with me and a proper uniform. I’m the student council president so I’m obliged to be a role model and a top student. Yeah, they’re required for student council officials. I’ve been a student council official since 1st grade and I’m proud of it. Same with Blaze, he’s been a student council official since 3rd grade. This year, he’s the 4th year level representative; he never wants to get a higher position. I have no idea why.

As it was half an hour past 6, I went downstairs, brushing my wet hair. I liked how it always fell right on top of my shoulders. It’s not straight; I have to say it’s wavy. I like it that way. If there was one thing I liked the most about me, it’s my hair. I don’t know; I just find it perfect.

I prepared pancakes for myself, Gena and Gerald. Gena’s not yet awake. She’s not an early bird, obviously. She just sleeps until somewhere at noon. Gerald, on the other hand, I’m sure, is upstairs, taking a lot of time on himself. He likes to please girls at our school, and the fact that irritates me more is that girls actually have a thing for him. Okay, forget what I said. He is handsome but his attitude and personality isn’t that lovely.

As I was halfway through my pancake, Gerald went downstairs, winking at me and sitting on a random chair, starting on his pancake. I didn’t like the fact that I still had to wait for him to finish his everything before we could actually go to school. Yes, we go to school together. I have no choice, I swear.

“What are you looking at?” he suddenly said out of nowhere, obviously curtailing my train of thought.

“Oh, I was just thinking how happy my life would be without you.” I smiled sarcastically. I was lying. I swear if Gena didn’t bring him in with her, my life would be a bigger mess. He kind of saved my life from Gena a couple of times.

“Really? I thought you were admiring my beauty,” he winked at me once again. Why does he do that all the time? “You know, I know your life would be a whole lot more miserable than it is right now without me.” Yeah, he just read my mind. Cool story, bro.

At last, he finished eating and everything! It’s nearly quarter to 7. I know I’m overreacting. School actually starts at 7:20 but I need to get there before 7, as much as possible. We already left the house. No, we weren’t walking, although I would prefer walking anytime, we’re actually riding his motorbike to school. Faster, at least. We got to school 10 minutes before seven. Gerald chose the spot in the parking lot nearest to the guard house 1.

“Thank you.” I said as I went down the motor.

“What?!” he asked, as if it was the first time he heard me say that. Well, apparently, it is the first time. I don’t know what came in to my mind either. “Can you repeat what you just said?”

“I can but I may not for Blaze is here. Bye!” I said as I ran towards Blaze. He was waiting for me at the guard house 1 in the school. He obviously looked like he didn’t take time doing his hair. It just stood up, spiky, as usual. He wore the school uniform; a cream polo barong with the school logo on the left side chest and plain black pants.

“You look nice, as usual,” He told me as I smiled at him. “Let’s go to the quadrangle, the morning assembly should start right up.” I followed him to the quadrangle. We talked about random things, once again. We never run out of a topic to talk about. Fortunately, he never got to the topic of Gena, although he did get to Gerald.

“Are you fine with Gerald now?” he smirked.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that you two look like real siblings, in all honesty. No hate anymore?” he explained as we sat at one bench at the side of the quadrangle. Students used to call this side the “lover’s side” but I didn’t think it suited the place well since not everyone who sits at the benches are lovers.

“I never hated him.”

“Anne! Andrew!” I looked behind us only because the voice sounded familiar. If it was any other voice in the whole world, I wouldn’t have looked. As I turned around, I saw one of my closest friends, Hannah, or as we call her, Gem. We’re on second name terms with this girl. Yes, my second name is indeed Anne and yes, Andrew is Blaze’s second name.

“Hey, Gem!” Andrew, I mean, Blaze greeted her as she ran towards us. I stood up and hugged her. Blaze did the same.

“Anne, you have to lead the prayer for today, you know, student council,” I nodded in approval. I liked leading morning assemblies. I have no idea why. “Goodness, I missed you two! Andrew! Fix your hair!” she said, now recognizing Blaze’s hair.

“Nag, nag, nag…” Blaze said, rolling his eyes. These two look like a cute couple that always fights because the girl always nags. No offense to Gem. I just laughed at how childish these two are. They never changed a bit since elementary and now it’s making me nostalgic.

“Student council president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and P.R.O, please proceed to the stage. High school students, get ready for the morning assembly.” Mr. Dan Jayson said through the speakers. The high school students enthusiastically assembled in their specific places.

“See you later, Blaze.”

“Bye, Andrew.” Gem’s the student council treasurer so she had to lead, too. We went separate ways with Andrew. Andrew went to the line of our section while Gem and I went towards the side of the stage. There, we saw our fellow student council officers.

“Nerice, you lead the prayer. Hero, national anthem. Jane, Panatang Makabayan. Hannah, school mission and vision. Mark, school anthem. Okay, start now, Nerice.” Mr. Jayson ordered us. We all went on stage. I told the whole building to be quiet then I started the prayer. Hero followed with the Philippine National Anthem. Jane then led the recitation of the Panatang Makabayan. Hannah, or Gem, followed by leading the recitation of the school’s vision and mission. We didn’t continue to the school anthem since Dr. Alido, the school’s headmistress and owner, always gave a short speech welcoming all the students to the first day of school.

I proceeded to our section’s line since Mark would be the only one needed later on. I also forgot to tell you Gerald was my classmate since they took off the star section this year again. I personally think having no star section is better. Of course, I requested the “no star section” thing.

“Good morning, high school students!” Everyone responded to Mrs. Alido. Mrs. Alido went on about the first day of school and the importance of school for us. He also welcomed the first year students to high school and told us the new rules, but we’ll probably know it since they’re giving out copies of the school handbook and we’re required to read it.

After quite a lot of minutes, I realized we were in the classroom already. I looked around at my classmates. Gerald and Blaze were my classmates. A lot of these people have been my classmates already. I know all of them so it wouldn’t be hard to be friends with my classmates this year.

This day was pretty much any other first day. Our advisers introduced themselves, we had to introduce ourselves (but we just had to say our name and one random fact about ourselves), and we elected class officers and pretty much we planned a lot of things. We also met our subject teachers. I left school at 5:25 P.M. only because Gerald had to hang out with his friends.

“It’s really nice of you to wait.” He said.

“Well, I had to!” I exclaimed, irritated. “Faster, please.”

“What are you on about? It’s like the first day of school, it’s not like we’re flooded with homework.” He said, starting his motorbike. I climbed on it, rolling my eyes.

“Well not for you.” I said and he drove from the school back to the house.

As I went down the motorbike, I can’t help but notice a family, no, I think it’s just a guy, moving into the house in front of ours. The house was for rent for quite a long time.

This guy looked like he was a year or two older than me. He had quite a long, dark brown hair. I didn’t see his face since he was looking at the house. I don’t know why but he stood out for me, like I saw him before, but I’m sure I never did.

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Again with the too short of sentences that they can still run but, yet not babble. Anyways I like the way this is going and you can really see the great friendship Blaze and I like the ending as it seems that she might see he who was mentioned at the beginning and as for Gerald he seemed okay.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Interesting. I like the character development. I thought Gerald would be a huge jerk, and all right, he kind of was, but he's sort of likable in an unlikable way. Did that make any sense whatsoever?

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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