Chapter Four

Chapter Four

A Chapter by TheMizFit

Chapter IV

            “Are you okay? You look like you didn’t get enough sleep.” Blaze asked me as we were entering our classroom. I had slight eye bags and I feel really tired. I only had an hour of sleep. I really don’t know why I wasn’t able to sleep thinking of Darnell and Blaze.

            “Yeah, I’m fine. I just wasn’t able to sleep last night.” I told Blaze as we sat down next to each other. We wouldn’t be sitting next to each other for long. Our advisers told us that we would have a seating arrangement starting today.

            “Why? What’s wrong?”

            “I don’t know.”

            “You can tell me.”

            “I would if I knew, Blaze.” I said, kind of irritated. You can’t blame me for being cranky, I didn’t get enough sleep. With that, I just buried my face in my arms and closed my eyes; hopefully, I won’t be able to sleep. Blaze didn’t speak to me anymore; he got the clue.

“Wake up, wake up.” Blaze said, patting my back. Apparently, I fell asleep. Well at least I got more time to sleep. It pays to go to school early, I could sleep.

We had our assembly (we only had assemblies with the whole high school building every Mondays, the rest, we do it in the classroom) and had 20 minutes to get ready for class. With those 20 minutes, the others chatted with their seatmates, and if we had assignments, I’m sure a lot of my classmates would be cramming, doing all their assignment with those 20 minutes only.

After the 20 minutes, the bell rang and we followed the seating arrangement that our advisers gave us. We had the first period with our adviser (Science) so we just did that instead of discussing the requirements for the subject.

The day went on pretty fast. Although I experienced lack of sleep, I still managed to enjoy the day, but I can’t help feeling a little cranky at times.

The school ended and I went home with Gerald, riding his motorbike, as usual. This time, we got home early. I did all the chores, as Gena told me. She scolded at me because I forgot to clean her plate which I didn’t know she used because she ate in the living room; great. After all the shouting and chores, I went up to my room and did all my requirements per subject, organized my things and did an advanced reading. I opened my laptop once I was done with everything and fortunately, my father was online. I chatted with him (and with Blaze) throughout the night. I wish I could tell him how Gena treated me here but sadly, I can’t.

I slept with no problems because my father told me that he’ll be home in a week or two.


“What’s wrong with him? He’s a nice guy, okay?” It’s been three weeks since Darnell had moved in and Blaze seemed to have a lot of problems with it.

“I just don’t like you hanging out with him…” he said, his last word trailing off, like he had something more to say.


“I don’t know. I just don’t want you to.”

“Well, Blaze,” a voice from behind us spoke and it made the two of us jump in surprise. Blaze and I turned around and we saw Nina, someone from Blaze’s past. “You shouldn’t really stick your head into your best friend’s life. Let her be friends with someone who she wants to.” She winked at Blaze and left us right away. Blaze gave her an irritated look. I actually thought she had a point.

“No offense, Blaze, but she’s got a point.”

“Fortunately, none taken,” He said, still with the irritated look in his face. An awkward silence followed it. “Unfortunately, I lied,” He said and I tried myself not to laugh but I did. “Not funny, though.”

“Sorry.” Ever since that conversation, we’ve been having awkward conversations and silences for that day. I tried to beg him to let me hang out with Darnell because he was so fun to hang out with and he made an issue about it. He told me that I was saying that Darnell was better to hang out with than him. I never said that. He’s still fun to hang out with. I still didn’t understand why Darnell was getting on his nerves so much.


“I’d really want to stay a bit later and talk to you more but�"”

“I understand, Blaze might get mad at you, but he’s your best friend, so you’ll leave now,” Darnell said. I loved the fact that he understands me. He was working in the nearest grocery store and since Gena told me to buy some groceries, I went there just to have an excuse to see him.

I don’t understand why he’s working at the grocery store. I mean, he’s only 18. He should be studying but when I asked him he told me he didn’t want to go to college, but he did finish high school with good marks. When I asked him why he decided to go to the Philippines, he told me he wanted to get away from his family. I still didn’t think the Philippines was a good place, though.

“Come on, I’ll check those things for you, so you could go home faster.” He said as we were nearing the cashiers. He ran to a closed one and opened it; I went there and paid for the groceries. Sometimes it pays to have a friend in the grocery.

I got home kind of fast. I’m sure Gena would scold me for being late. Do I even care if she shouts at me anymore? No? I didn’t think so.

“I’m here!” it was necessary for me to shout that when I opened the front door.

“About time! Go and prepare dinner.” Gena ordered. I went straight to the kitchen and put on an apron. I think I’m the only one who uses these in this house when my father’s not here.

But today, looks like I’m not the only one wearing an apron. I saw Gerald enter the kitchen and put on a random apron.

“Who are you and what have you done to Gerald?” I asked him emotionlessly. He smirked and it annoyed me. He annoyed me.

“I’m going to help you. I don’t know what came into my mind either but I just want to help you.” What? Was he even serious?

After a few minutes, I realized he was serious after all so I let him help me and it was way easier to prepare dinner with someone helping me. For once in my life I enjoyed my time with Gerald’s company.

“Blaze visited,” He said when we ran out of topics to talk about. I looked at him, eyebrows raised. “I told him you were at the grocery, he didn’t seem too happy about it.”

“Of course he’s not. Darnell works there.” By this time, Gerald already knew that Darnell pisses Gerald off. Weird, right? But we’ve been spending quite some time together. I guess that was good, to think he was my stepbrother anyways.

“I never knew that. You’re becoming pretty close to this Darnell. Are you sure Blaze is still your best friend?”

“Of course Blaze is! I wouldn’t let anyone change that.”

“You really appreciate Blaze, but once you really let Darnell into your life… I don’t think Blaze will still be your best friend. He seems pretty irritated every single time he hears or sees Darnell.” I realized that, too. Until now, I never knew why Blaze had a big problem with Darnell. I wasn’t able to reply to what Gerald said since Gena shouted from the living room that she was already hungry.


“Blaze, can you answer questions from me truthfully?” I asked Blaze one random day while we were walking to the cafeteria.

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“I mean, this time, you won’t ignore a question.”

“Did I ever ignore a question from you?” he asked, looking like he really didn’t know.

“Yes, just one question, ignored a lot of times.”

“Try me.”

“What’s your problem with Darnell? I mean, why are you always irritated by the sight, thought or sound of him?” Blaze stopped dead. He was silent for quite a long time. He looked shocked, scared and unable to move all at once; like he saw a ghost, but he was looking at me. “Well? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”




“Blaze, just say it!” I half shouted since he wasn’t helping himself to say something at all.

“It’s…” he started. “He’s…he’s…you…we’re…” he sighed. I didn’t talk at all. I looked at him like I was annoyed so he’d be forced to tell me. “I…” I was sure he’s going to say it now.


© 2011 TheMizFit

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