Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven

A Chapter by TheMizFit

Chapter XI

I woke up the next day filled with glee. From this day on, my life would be full of happiness. No more Gena. No more abusive stepmother. Just a life with my father and stepbrother.

I went downstairs after I took a quick bath and ate breakfast with Gerald and dad. Dad cooked the breakfast. It felt weird not cooking for them. I think I’ll have to get used to this.

“So, Nerice, Gerald. Do you have any plans for the day?” Dad asked as we were having breakfast. Gerald shook his head. I thought about Blaze and Darnell. If I really wanted to finish this whole issue, I’ll have to do it right away.

“I have plans for the day with Darnell and Blaze. Is it okay?” I asked dad. He nodded, “Of course it is. Let’s just hang out next week? I’ll be staying here for quite a long time.”

“Thanks!” I said. I was really thankful. I actually expected my father to not allow me so we could have quality time together.


“Come on, Blaze. You can do better than that!” Darnell said as they were training. They were fighting. Darnell did a really great job on it. He obviously was used to it. They weren’t using any magic. Darnell taught Blaze some simple self-defense moves and some attacks, too, without using magic. It was intense. Blaze did a great job at his third try. He was obviously competitive. He didn’t want to lose over Darnell.

Unfortunately, Blaze lost again.

“You’re getting better. You have to focus on your attacker. Don’t let him confuse you, or else you’d be having a hard time fighting. It gets dirty when Goronians attack and use spells at the same time,” Darnell explained to a panting Blaze. “Do you think you could defeat me on your fourth try?” Darnell asked. Blaze was breathing normally now.

“Of course. We wouldn’t end this day until I defeat you.” Blaze said, getting on his position. Darnell and I smiled at his determination.

They did it again. They were fighting and honestly, I could say that Blaze was a lot better. Darnell still didn’t stop from giving him the most confusing and hardest attacks he could do.

After a lot of minutes of action and fighting (I felt like I was watching a movie), Blaze finally defeated Darnell. I felt proud of him. I wish they both would be that persevering and determined on the day we would fight.

“Congratulations. You’ve learned all of the skills so far,” Darnell told Blaze as I gave them each their bottle of water. “You just have to keep practicing to master them. Then we’ll go forward to fighting with magic.”

“That was great guys!” I told them, giving both of them an encouraging look.

“Thanks,” Blaze said as Darnell smiled at me. “Fighting with magic? But I’m really sure my magic isn’t any good if Nerice isn’t around.” Blaze said, remembering what I told him.

“That’s why we’ll have to stick together,” Darnell explained. “As long as we see or feel each other, we’ll all be strong,” I agreed. “So, I guess that’s it for today?” We all agreed to go back and have a rest. We were on our way to the portal when an old man appeared out of the trees. I was shocked and scared. No one was supposed to see us.

We all stood there, staring at the man. The man looked serious. I’m guessing he was in his 80’s or 90’s, I couldn’t tell. He had a long gray hair and beard. He was about as tall as Darnell.

“Master Maji.” Darnell greeted as he bowed down. I guess that was a sign of respect.

“Darnell,” Master Maji said as he, too, bowed down. “Could this be? Blaze, is that you?” he looked at Blaze with a light smile. Blaze looked shocked that he knew his name.

“Y�"yes?” Blaze stuttered.

“Finally you’ve come back!” Master Maji exclaimed. He looked really happy. “Your father always worried about you, hoping you were in good condition.” Blaze, once again, looked shocked, “He remembers me?”

“Silly. Of course he does,” Darnell interjected. “He remembers you more than me,” Darnell laughed bitterly. Master Maji glared at Darnell. “Sorry, I was just kidding.”

“Darnell, you’re a grown man. I’ve taught you different things,” Master Maji told him. This man seemed to have a lot of wisdom. “Anyways, I see you’re leaving. You people go now, before anyone else sees you.” We all nodded as one by one, we went back through the portal.

“I’m really tired. Let’s go together, Nerice?” Blaze asked as we were all in Darnell’s living room. I looked at Blaze and smiled, “No, you go ahead. I have to talk to Darnell.” Blaze nodded and left the house right away, looking really tired.

“You wanted to talk to me?” Darnell said when he heard the gate close, leaving us all alone in the house.

“Yeah. I wanted to know how long this training would still go.”

“Not long. That depends on how Blaze would go with our next training. He seemed really prepared and all. It wouldn’t take so long, I’m guessing.” I nodded. It was good news it wouldn’t take so long anymore. I wanted to get this over with. I was just worried that if we rush it’ we’re not so prepared, but the boys looked very prepared. I shouldn’t really worry.

“I really want to finish this thing,” Darnell said, breaking the silence between us. “After it, I wouldn’t have to worry about me staying away from Goronia forever.”

“So you mean you’d stay here? But why? You’re family is in Goronia.”

“So? In case you forgot, I’m of right age. I could live on my own already, Nerice,” he smiled. “Maybe have a family with the right one.” My heart did a back flip as he said those words. I didn’t exactly know why. I tried to stop myself but I was too late, “Who do you think is the right one?” he smiled at me.

“I shouldn’t really tell you right now. Maybe when things get simple between us.”

“So you’re in a relationship?” I asked. I was really curious. I wanted to know.

“No, I’m not,” he laughed. “What I meant was I’ll tell her my true feelings about her when things aren’t so complicated between us. Hopefully she likes me back…”

I laughed at him. “Who wouldn’t? You’re a really nice and caring person, Darnell.”

“I am?” he asked with a smile. “Thanks. It means a lot coming from you.”

“No problem. Now if you could just tell me who the lucky girl is.”

“You nearly got me there. I nearly told you, but no.”

“Why won’t you tell me?” I pouted. I don’t usually do that. It feels weird. “You shouldn’t really keep secrets from me. It’s safe with me.”

“I know my secrets are safe with you.”

“Then why wouldn’t you tell me?” I asked him. I was insisting.

“You really want to know?” he asked me. I nodded. My heart was beating so fast. A part of me wanted to know and another part didn’t want to, like it wasn’t prepare for hearing another girl’s name. Oh, what am I thinking? “Well, this girl is the most beautiful girl I laid my eyes on.”

“Yeah, like that clue really helps.”

Darnell smiled at me. “The most beautiful girl I laid my eyes on… both blue and light brown,” I was shocked. I knew what he meant. I didn’t know what to say. “She just kept on asking me who I loved. Now I hope she gets me. I didn’t want to tell her who because I think that if I do, things would get more complicated between us,” Darnell’s smile wasn’t on his face anymore. He was serious. Dead serious. “Nerice Lopez… This would feel really weird but, I love you.”

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