hench Cliff

hench Cliff

A Chapter by Abdul Batin Osman Bey

about a doofus I know


We have no time for this

Stop delaying the seconds

Walking in circles wont lead anywhere

Kicking dirt stomping feet solves nothing


Grow into the twenty-seven

Put down the rattle for tougher skin

You’re making the ant problems worse

Learn from your mistakes and move on


Not every penis swinger was meant to be a man

Many want the title but not the responsibility

Wash yourself look into the mirror

Can you see yourself through the apron strings?


You can keep your illusions of a title

Ego power means nothing to me

The taller you stand the weaker you become

If you cant punch don’t sharpen your tongue


All that I’m saying you should already know

I guess daddy had no use for you

Maybe the kitchen is the only place you belong

Too slow for ingredients they shoved you on


You should have stayed on the soft streets of New Bedford

The only real things are ice and snow


We have no time for this

Suck up your pouty lips

I know you’re using me but I’m trying to help


You should have stayed on the pudding streets of Taunton

The only real things are ice and snow


© 2013 Abdul Batin Osman Bey

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Added on July 15, 2013
Last Updated on July 15, 2013
Tags: anywhere, twenty-seven, skin, man, responsibility, strings, title, tongue, illusion


Abdul Batin Osman Bey
Abdul Batin Osman Bey

Cambridge, MA

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