All Kings Sink

All Kings Sink

A Poem by 7's

All the kings are sunk,
Not drowned,
But deep in the sea now.

Still, falling, or say sinking,
Down and down and down,
Would surely pay any mischeivious fisherman now.

Dawned is the earth
After they're gone,
Up to the mark they were once.

And the kings,
Waiting for an end
Would surely romp upon the dark-seeing eyes now.

Only there: no light,
No deeds, no well-wish,
Only lustre of their gemstones with no shine.

Cursed for sinking forever
With knowing no way to return
They wish for life, for their eyes, to be seen.

Jolly jaunt is eternity
They know
Only, they pray for air to breathe now.

Living forever with no death
Others at surface
Watching each other, not looking for Hades's.

Others at surface; wish sky
The higher, the harder
With no skin like feather, would surely fall.

Sad to say: once a man,
Thence a king for all eyes,
Lies for eternity living, sinking, onset at the grand dive.

© 2019 7's

Author's Note

vernacular uses; suggested by some

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Added on January 5, 2019
Last Updated on January 5, 2019



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