Carved to Fly

Carved to Fly

A Story by A. J. Klemmedsen

One woman's daily visit-God's plan for all of us!

I don’t know how he did it! Maybe it was just the sun’s heat getting to me. Maybe it was just a dream, but I’m so sure of what I saw. I was returning from the market with a basket of fruit, minding my own business. That is until I came to the carpenter’s shop. I always enjoy stopping there a moment to look in and watch his child. I swear they have the most beautiful son. I think they call him Jesus? Anyway, I had stopped as usual and sure enough I saw that precious child sitting on a stool near his father. He was quite, but playfully swinging his little legs as he watched his father work. Suddenly, he turned and his eyes fell on mine. Oh, he is such an adorable child. What radiant eyes! I felt as though he could see into my soul, and just as suddenly he hopped off the stool with the biggest smile on his face. He ran to the other side of the table and scooped up a larger piece wood shaving from the floor. Then, he took a smaller hammer and chisels and brought it back to his stool to work. I was so curious to see what he was up to, so I set my basket down to watch. The boy worked for some time turning the wood this way and that and then scraping away the flawed parts of the wood. He would caress it and bring it close to his face and smile and then continue to carve. When he had finished his smile was even bigger than before. He ran to me and opened his tiny cupped hands to reveal a small dove. He surly has his father’s gift with wood! It was so detailed; I could see and feel each individual feather. But he wasn’t completely finished. He ran to the window, brought the wooden dove to his face again and gently kissed it head, and then it happened. The child threw his arms up to the window and as he did the wooden dove flew from his hands, and from where I stood I could see the wooden feathers I had just touched slowly becoming real feathers! The dove was no longer a simple wood shaving discarded on the dirty floor and no longer a beautifully carved wooden dove. It was a living dove, white as snow, flying from the young boy’s hands into the sunlight. I was so amazed I fell to the floor and prayed, but the child returned to me and placed my head in his little hands. He gazed into my eyes, smiled, and then kissed my forehead just as he had done with the dove.

Fly with Christ!

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© 2010 A. J. Klemmedsen

Author's Note

A. J. Klemmedsen
This story was originally written for a Chrysalis talk I gave in 2004 and then posted on I have since deleted that account and transferred the work to this site. It came from the heart. I hope you enjoy it!

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Added on October 21, 2010
Last Updated on October 21, 2010
Tags: Inspirational, Christian, Religious


A. J. Klemmedsen
A. J. Klemmedsen

Los Angeles, CA

I've been trying to be a writer since I was 6 years old. The stories never go away. more..

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