She Assassin

She Assassin

A Poem by Ambra Celeste

She Assassin

The silent night softly descend with dark intents
Perpetrators yet unaware… she is after them 
The harmless roses that once adorned her kind self
Suddenly grew the largest thorns, protecting her
Her thirst for justice feeds the warrior spirit in her 
She will shed blood, she seeks their death
Offenders walking free, unpunished for their crimes
Victims failed by the justice system and others too terrified to testify
Hunter of evil souls, executor of her believes
The knife is sharpen and ready to inflict
Into dark corners she blends, black clothes and hair tied back
Her patience is rewarded, her chosen criminal is back
Now is the perfect moment, she slashes his back
Before he can react, she strikes the second blow
Falling on the ground, he is unable to move
His injuries made him weak, he now knows how his victims feel
The hands he violently used she carved all the way through
Six knife imprints mark the end of his immoral sexual needs
His vile body she watches squirm
His sick mind knows that this is the end, the end of his unlawful trend
His cruel heart is mercilessly transfixed, putting a stop to his heartbeat 
Like a river his blood flows
The smell of death overpowers the room
As she exits the crime scene, she feels empowered
She feels pleased with her deed
An abrupt noise awakes her from her dream
She now smiles; she knows who she is meant to be.

© 2014 Ambra Celeste

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Added on May 18, 2014
Last Updated on May 22, 2014
Tags: assassin, blood, crimes, death, justice, perpetrator, victims, violently, warrior


Ambra Celeste
Ambra Celeste

LONDON, United Kingdom

Ambra Celeste leaves Italy for London in hopes of following her passions and dreams. Upon arriving in London however, Ambra finds events that shape her life forever. In her new book, “Be Careful.. more..