Aviator: Siege

Aviator: Siege

A Screenplay by Asher Hill

A small farming island in the sky is under siege by a notorious pirate group. The only thing standing between the island and disaster is Finn and his ragtag group of pilots.


Main characters

Finn - 20, pilot, scruffy red hair and eyes, medium height, slim build. A fierce fighter, determined, but socially shy. Has a Bird companion named Mark, very smart.

Gunnar - 21, Gunner, short cropped strawberry blonde hair, tall, muscular, but not bulky. Finn’s best friend, outgoing, funny, and a bit cocky.

Ginger - 18, engineer, long, orange pigtail braids, short, slight build, very flexible. Hotheaded, hates most anyone except Finn and Gunnar. Tinkers with machines constantly.

Harmony - 20, musician, former captive of pirates. medium height, straight brown hair. Seems shy around large groups of people, but very friendly, comes off as a bit odd.

Leon - 20, Harmony’s “imaginary friend,” essentially a male version of her. easily becomes jealous, makes smart remarks. very protective of Harmony, though no one else can see him.

Captain Odessa - in his mid 50’s, a tall, intimidating man, with a well trimmed white beard. A pirate out for riches and power, he is the captain of the Titan B, one of many ships in his faction. He is calm, methodical and cruel.

Opening credits roll, epic classical style music, various shots of beautiful skyline, with occasional airships and floating islands. end of credits, camera settles on a large zeppelin-like warship floating in a bright sunny sky. there is a roar of engines as three, ragtag, junkyard style fighter steambirds (WWII style planes powered by steam) zoom past into view, forming a tight V formation.

Radio chatter

Chelsea (pilot) - Alright, Finn, I’ve got your six. Give ‘em hell.

Finn (into a mic, as he pilots the lead steambird) - You got it. stay sharp.

Gunnar - We got incoming, port flank!

Gunnar opens fire with a rear mounted chaingun on several angular, jet like craft. after a brief dogfight, all enemy craft are shot down.

An expansive battle takes place, Jets fighting steambirds, the trio of steambirds making their way quickly towards the enemy warship. The right side plane fires on the warship A large turret explodes next to the warship’s hangar, and the steambirds come to a screeching halt inside .

Finn, Ginger, and Gunnar dismount the lead steambird, and four others (2 each) dismount the others. They all draw various projectile weapons, and there is a brief firefight with the local hangar guards, who are quickly overtaken.

Finn - Gunnar! you and Brock (A burly man with a handheld, underslung minigun) guard the steambirds. The rest of you, on me!

All - Aye aye!


Cut to the bridge of the warship. A Tall, intimidating man, in pirate-like garb, stands on a catwalk over several officers at control stations. One officer turns around.

Officer - Captain! We have a security breach in hangar two! local defenses have been neutralized!

Captain Odessa - Send an immediate dispatch team. I want them captured and put with the others. And lock up their steambirds.


Finn and the other four run down a cramped corridor, filled with leaky pipes, valves and wires. After a brief fight with some guards, they enter a holding cell, where about ten men and women are being held. They all look scared but hopeful.

Finn - Stand Back!

He shoots the lock, releasing the cell door.

Finn - C’mon! Lets get outta here!

The group, now guarding the prisoner, take off down the hall, and back to the planes.


A pirate hits the deck, falling just far enough to reveal Brock wielding his smoking minigun. Brock and Gunnar knuckle touch and exchange congratulations. Finn and the captives appear from the corridor.

Ginger - Alright, lets load everyone up. six of you can fit in Brock’s Plane, three in Chelsea’s, that leaves us with you.

She points at Harmony. The prisoners begin to file into the steambirds, as the pilots mount up. Gunnar opens fire on the dispatch team just entering the room, nailing them down on the far end of the hangar. The steambirds begin to rumble and then launch out of the hangar. Chelsea’s steambird takes a direct hit and spins out of control, explodes.

Brock - Chelsea!

Finn - Keep moving, she knew the risks!

Under deck, in the engineer compartment of Finn’s Plane, Harmony looks nervous.

Ginger - Don’t worry, sweet cheeks. Finn is the best. Ain’t nothin’ gonna touch us! (laughs heartily.)

Harmony - (laughs nervously in response, gripping her seat.)

Another brief Dogfight to show off Finn and Gunnars’ skill as a team. As Finn’s steambird roars past, guns ablaze, An explosion rips off the tail fin. Finn and Gunner struggle, and just barely save the steambird. The pair of steambirds come to a screeching halt on the island.


The landing field is scattered with steambirds, some landing, some unloading passengers. As Harmony climbs out of the steambird, she catches sight of Finn, recognising him directing a fire control team to his steambird. He turns around, notices her, and smiles briefly before returning to his work. She starts to make her way towards him, but Ginger steps in her path.

Ginger - C’mon, sweet cheeks, we gotta get goin’. It’s best to stay out of the way right after a fight. Fire teams and pilots, y’know? Besides, we gotta find you a place to stay.

Harmony is lead away by the hand. she watches reluctantly over her shoulder. Refocus on Finn, examining his bird. Gunnar hops out of his gunner seat, tying off a bandage on his arm, and slaps Finn on the back.

Gunnar - Now THAT was FLYING! Yeah!

Finn - (chuckling briefly) Yeah, I guess it was, huh?

Gunnar - Hey, man, whats up? You ok?

Finn - Yeah, I’m fine. Just lookin’ at the damage.

A brief pause, as the two of them stare at the crippled steam bird.

Gunnar - Finn, this is the Monarch! Float like a butterfly, sting like a freaking bear! She can take a hit!

Finn - Yeah, we got some scraps back at the hangar. I can rig her up in no time.

Gunnar - Now that’s the spirit. Hey! Get me a tow cable over here!


On the deck of the Titan B. Captain Odessa watches the island from the bridge, calm amongst the frenzy of officers making repairs and giving commands.

Officer - Sir, the prisoner bays are empty, as you suspected.

Captain Odessa - (without turning to face him) So, then. They are planning to ground this airship? I have played nice with these worms long enough. You have 24 hours to make repairs, lieutenant. Then we strike.


Finn is in a small, greasy garage-like “hangar” fastening a steel bar skeleton of a tail onto the back of The Monarch. He bangs his head on one bar, and curses. As he leans down to resume repairs, Harmony enters from behind.

Harmony - Finn?

Finn - (Banging his head again in surprise) Aagh! Oh, hey, its you.

Harmony - sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to thank you for rescuing me.

Finn - Yeah, no problem. I’d have done it for anyone... You’re not from around here are you?

Harmony - No, I’m from the Kingdom of Sagitta.

Finn - Ah, you’re a long way from home... what was your name? I didn’t catch it earlier.

Harmony - Oh, yeah. I’m harmony (Offers a hand)

Finn - (with obvious discomfort, shakes hand) Um, hi. It’s nice to meet you. I mean, when I’m not getting shot at... How long were you there? With pirates, I mean?

Harmony - Honestly, I don’t know. A few months, maybe? After they raided my hometown, They took about ten of us and sold us as slaves. I’m the only one that didn’t sell. They kept me in that room for a long time after that. Sometimes they let me out to clean things, but thats about it. But now that you released me, I can go look for my family.

Finn - I wouldn’t count on that. Those pirates have been sieging us for weeks. They raid us from time to time, and we fight them back. But for now, they are blocking us off, trying to starve us out. They shoot down anyone who tries to approach, or leave. We are getting dangerously low on resources. Coal, oil, ammunition, engine parts, anything besides food we get imported.

Harmony - Oh. Well, what about the kingdoms? Can’t one of the six kingdoms help?

Finn - Hah. The Kingdoms my a*s. We’re too far out of the way. 75 Klicks from Capricorn. Even if they did give a damn, there’s no way we could reach them. Our radios are rudimentary, and we can’t get a ship out without it getting shot down. Nah, this battle is ours, and we are gonna have to fight it ourselves.

Harmony - I see. Well, is there any way I can help?

Finn - Can you fly?

Harmony - no, not really.

Finn - Have you ever fired a weapon?

Harmony - not that I can-

Finn - Then you had best stay on the ground. These pirates aren’t jokers. They can fly. You’re best option is to help on the farms. You can ask the johnsons about that. They live a few houses over, and they run the farming operation here.

Harmony - (saddened by his sudden glumness) Okay. Well, I guess I will see you later.

Harmony, realizing she isn’t getting a response, carefully slips out into hall (note: Finn, Harmony, Gunnar and Ginger all bunk in the same house. Finn continues fixing the bird.


Ginger and Gunnar are sitting in the living room, on a couch, laughing about the days events.

Ginger - Oh man, we really showed those b******s.

Gunnar - Its not every day you get shot down by half a plane. Hahaha. His face was priceless.

Ginger - Yeah, hahaha, I knew he was good, but DAMN. Finn flies like a pro. You’d think he was from an imperial academy.

Finn enters from a stairwell leading to the hangar. He looks at the other two, a sad look in his eyes, and turns to go to his room. Gunnar and Ginger jump up and get in front of him.

Gunnar - Hey, what do you think you’re doin’?

Ginger - Yeah, you gotta pay the toll. One smile, or you’re not goin’ anywhere.

Finn - (trying to push past) not now guys, I’m tired.

Gunnar - (ominously) You force me to do something I really don’t want to do.

Finn - (genuine fear in his voice) No. No, please, not that. ANYTHING but that!

Gunnar - (evil laughter)

Gunnar dramatically attacks Finn, apparently violently, and Finn raises his arms in fear to protect himself. Laughing evilly, Gunnar tickles Finn violently, and Finn playfully begs for mercy. Ginger collapses on the floor laughing.


Harmony, lying in bed alone in her room, thinking to herself.

Harmony - I hope I didn’t say something to upset him. I really like him, and he saved me from that airship. I was just trying to be friendly.

Leon - (suddenly sitting on a dresser by her bed) Why are you so torn up? He’s not you’re problem.

Harmony - (sitting up in bed) Leon. I was wondering when I’d see you.

Leon - Yeah, yeah. I dare not make an appearance while you’re busy making goo goo eyes a a pilot.

Harmony - Oh, shut up. It’s not like that.

Leon - Yeah it is, and you know it. C’mon, he’s not gonna fall for it. He’s a little bit busy defending his hometown from pirates.

Harmony - He saved us both from that airship. The least you could do is show some appreciation.

Leon - Does a little appreciation involve a hug and a kiss?

Harmony - If I didn’t know you better I would think you were jealous.

Leon - Don't be ridiculous. I’m your friend, I  don’t need to be jealous.

Harmony - Look, I know you helped me alot. You always have. But he did, too. I’m allowed to have other friends you know.

Leon - I know, you’re right. I’m sorry, I just don’t like him.

Harmony - Yeah, you never like anyone. Anyway, good night.

Leon is suddenly gone. Harmony rolls over and falls asleep. pan up to the warship in front of the moon through the window.


Close up of a bottle being slammed on the coffee table. Finn leans back, and kicks up his feet, a warm smile on his face.

Finn - God d****t, you two. Can’t you just let a guy sulk. I was trying so hard to be sad.

Ginger - Sorry, this is a no sulking zone. You’re just gonna have to deal with it.

Finn - Well, all in all, not a bad day. We saved 7 people, ya know. Not bad.

Gunnar - Not to mention, ya kicked some serious a*s out there. You never cease to amaze me, Finn. By the way, how’s the Monarch?

Finn - She’ll be fine. I got the tail rebuilt, but I still have to attach the shell.

Ginger - We better get some sleep, people. The Colonel called a meeting early tomorrow morning.

Gunnar - Yeah, I guess you’re right. Night you two.

Finn and Ginger - Night.


It is a bright, hot morning, the sun is blazing on the horizon. Harmony is standing before an oddly mechanized house with a sign that say’s “Johnson” by the drive.

Harmony - Looks like the place.

She approaches, and carefully knocks. After a moment, a bald, elderly man with a hunched back and round spectacles appears in the doorway.

Mr. Johnson - Hello, here. What can I you for you, little lady?

Harmony - Um, yes, I am Harmony. I was rescued aboard the pirate ship, and brought here. I was wondering if I could have a job.

Mr. Johnson - Barbara! We have a visitor!

Mrs. Johnson - Well, let her in! I just took out the pies!

Inside the house, Mr. Johnson and Harmony sit at the kitchen table, and Mrs. Johnson joins them with a pie.

Mrs. Johnson - I was saving these for tonight, but I suppose one can’t hurt. So what brings you here, dearie?

Harmony - I was hoping to get a job on a farm. Finn told me you pretty much run the place, so-

Mr. Johnson - Ah, so Finn sent you? Well, we can’t deny you now, can we?

Harmony - If you don’t mind me asking, I have noticed that everyone really loves Finn. He’s a great pilot, but why does everyone think so much of him?

Mr. Johnson - Great pilot is an understatement. That boy has save this island time, and time again. As long as he is running our sky patrol, most pirates won’t even come near us! he singlehandedly brought on an age of peace here.

Harmony - So what about these pirates? Why aren’t they afraid?

Mr. Johnson - As I am sure you noticed, these pirates are no ordinary pirate gang. They are paramilitary, with training and hardware far beyond ours’. But between Finn and the Colonel, I have no doubt that we will be just fine. In fact, they are discussing the matter right now... So, about that job.


A loud crack as The Colonel smacks his palm with a baton. A large group of 50 or so pilots are gathered in the room, with the Colonel at the front, a large diagram displaying the enemy ship behind him.

Colonel Roth - Down to business, then. We are gathered to discuss a very important matter, but that goes without saying. In three weeks, we will no longer be able to sustain our militia. We will be totally defenseless. This is not an option. Instead we strike now. In two days, we are going to carry out the most dangerous mission any of you ever have, or ever will encounter. That said, it is entirely voluntary. Now before you all leave, allow me to outline the plan. Option one; seeing as the exterior armor is invulnerable to the caliber weapons on our birds, we force our way on board an destroy the boiler room. The engines should fail, and the steam canopy will deflate. Option two, we lure in the ship and penetrate its canopy with the ground to air cannons. The volunteers will decide which plan we use. So, any volunteers?

Everyone raises their hands. Colonel Roth smiles proudly.

Colonel Roth - Ah, you are all great men.


As the sun begins to set in a brilliant red, Harmony continues to till a lifeless field. It is obvious that she has irrigated and tilled the entire thing, and is becoming very tired and weak. She collapses onto the soil, and closes her eyes. when she opens them, Leon is standing over her.

Leon - Harmony, what are you doing?

Harmony - I can’t do it. I can’t finish.

Leon - But you’re so close. Don’t give up now.

Harmony - I am so weak. (she begins to cry.) I can’t ever finish anything. Why am I such a burden?

Leon - Harmony! Don’t talk like that. You know it’s not true.

Harmony - It is though. Back home, a failed school, I couldn’t keep a job, and even the pirates couldn’t get a price on me.

Leon - (taken aback, he crouches down and offers his hand) Let me prove you wrong.

Calming down, she takes his hand. They stand, and he offers her the hoe. She takes it.

Harmony - (wiping her eyes and grinning a bit) What would I do without you.

Leon - Alot. (vanishes)

She continues to till, and the sun continues to set. Eventually, A little red pickup truck drives up to the field. Mr. Johnson appears out of the vehicle, and looks about. He observes her the last few minutes, until she finishes. It is almost dark now. She walks over to Mr. Johnson, barely able to stand.

Mr. Johnson - You don`t farm, do you?

Harmony - is it that obvious?

Mr. Johnson - yes, very. But your persistence is amazing. I would have anticipated you to take at least twice as long.

Harmony - really?

Mr Johnson - really. You have done a great job. How about you come have some dinner with us before you go home?

He leads hHrmony back to his truck. She slowly begins to smile as she realizes that she finished something, that someone approves.


There is laughter as Harmony enters the house. She looks into the dining room and finds the trio (Finn, Gunnar and Ginger) sitting around a table playing cards. Food litters the table, as though a huge feast was just eaten. Gunnar is the first to notice Harmony. He throws up his arms in greeting.

Gunnar - Harmony! How are you?

Finn - Hey, how was your first day on the farm?

Harmony - Exhausting, I think I will go to sleep now.

Ginger, Finn, and Gunnar all object loudly

Gunnar - Get over here, we’ll deal you in!

Harmony - No really, I can’t, I have to

Gunnar - (getting up and guiding her to the table by force) No, I insist. Ginger, you deal.


Out in the open sky, the pirate ship floats silently. It changes course, without making a sound, turning toward the island. The engines thrust it forward, and then go out completely. Lights across the vessel flicker out. It goes completely dark, and disappears into a cloud.


Inside the command center on the island, a man rushes in on Colonel Roth, who is sitting at a table, reviewing battle plans. The man frantically blurts in panic.

Man - Colonel, sir!

Colonel Roth - What is it? Is something wrong?

Man - The Titan B just dissapeared on infrared. Its engines went cold, and there is so much Electronic interference that EM can’t get a read. Sir, something is happening!

Colonel Roth - (Hurriedly jumping from his seat) No, not yet! Not now!

They both run into the command room, which overlooks the island with a large glass front. Men and women hurry back and forth, trying to figure out what’s going on.

Colonel Roth - Get the defensive systems up and running, I want the entire island on full alert!


Cut forward to the Harmony, Finn, Gunnar and Ginger in deep concentration. They are all buried in their cards, trying to read each other's faces. Gunnar drops his hand.

Gunnar - I fold. I got nothin’

Harmony looks nervous. she pushes a few cookies into the middle.

Ginger - I’m callin’ your bluff, girlie! HAH! (Throws down her hand, and begins to reel in the pile of food in the middle.)

Harmony silently places her hand (of cards, to avoid confusion) over Ginger’s. She smiles sweetly, and then scoops up the food. Stuffing it onto a plate, she picks it up, and stands to leave.

Harmony - I have had a great time, but I’m very tired. Besides, I have to wake up tomorrow. G’night.

Gunnar - Night!

Ginger - Just take your food and go. I didn’t want it anyway. (begins sulking)

Harmony leaves the room. Finn stands, eyeing the others for a moment and follows her. He stops her in the Kitchen, where she is placing the food in the refrigerator.

Finn - Hey, um, Harmony?

Harmony - yes?

Finn - Sorry about yesterday. I didn’t mean to get upset. It’s just that the fighting gets to me. Everyone depends on me so much, but to be honest, I hate it. I don’t want to fight, I just fly ‘cause it’s fun.

Harmony - Its ok (she smiles) I understand. You take on a lot for his village. People love you here, Finn. It’s hard, but they need you.

Finn - Yeah. I know... (awkwardly) well, g’night. wish me luck on the flight tomorrow.

Suddenly an alarm goes off in the distance. Finn, sparing one last glance at Harmony, dashes toward the stairwell. He and Gunnar and Ginger all rush to the Hangar, where they pull on flight suits. Ginger grabs a portable radio.

Ginger - (into the radio, amongst other radio traffic) What’s going on? Whats’ the situation?

Colonel Roth - Everyone stay calm. We aren’t exactly sure what the situation is. The Titan B has disappeared on all scanners. It could be a false alarm but I want everyone on standby. Repeat, I want everyone... Dear God!

In the control room, a searchlight floods into the room, blinding everyone. As the picture resolves, It is seen that the Titan B is hovering right outside the control room.

Colonel Roth - The Titan B is here! All pilots, launch immediately! Bring ground to air turrets online! I need---

He is drowned out by an explosion, as a large forward mounted cannon on the Titan B fires, completely destroying the command center.

© 2013 Asher Hill

Author's Note

Asher Hill
This is a rough draft. Please feel free to make ANY comment without hesitation.

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