I am an Atheist.

I am an Atheist.

A Story by A Social Corpse

I am an atheist.


I do not believe in a God or any form of creator.


I believe in physics and science.


I do not believe in the devil as the personification of evil.


I believe some people are just evil and others need to have some explanation as to why.


I do not believe in any afterlife.


I believe that once you die your body will rot away and over time, you will be forgotten.


I do not believe in pre-determined destinies, or fate.


I believe that the things that happen in our life are in our control.


I do not believe in persecuting anyone that believes in god.


I believe that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.


I do not believe in judging you for dedicating your life to religion.


I believe that religion is actually a good thing.


I do not believe in bringing anyone down for anything they believe in.


I believe in freedom of choice.


I am an atheist.


And I believe that everyone deserves to be happy no matter what their beliefs are! Never be afraid to stand up for your beliefs, do not let others insult you for whatever you choose to do!


Potential is destroyed by those who have none!

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A Social Corpse
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TRUE TRUE TRUE. And for some reason or other people cant wrap their little heads around the idea of not bing apart of a major religion. I have been an atheist since I was about 13 years old... and all the time its the samething. Most think I believe in the devil, others think I must be lying about not having a god. Good for you!

Posted 7 Years Ago

A Social Corpse

7 Years Ago

Ahh yes, I have received a lot of hate for being an atheist. Christians tell me I am going to hell o.. read more
Sarah Ramsbottom

7 Years Ago

so true!
i like your honesty....but still dont you ever think or wonder if there might be a bigger authority somewhere? not trying to get you into any religion but to base your whole existence on a theory such as "the big bang" or "Darwin's theory of evolution" theres a reason there just theories.....hmmm but still very nice poem

Posted 7 Years Ago

A Social Corpse

7 Years Ago

In this society, it seems that things that can not be explained rationally are quickly categorized a.. read more

7 Years Ago

good point and good example and if someone randomly handed me some magic powder dont you think even .. read more
Mikael Malmberg

7 Years Ago

"they're just theories"... yeah. Let me ask you a question. Do you "believe" in gravity? Because evo.. read more

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