Food for thought

Food for thought

A Poem by Aa Harvey

Food for thought



Our hearts are linked by an umbilical-chord;

We feed each other, food for thought.

I lay down my jacket so you can walk upon it,

To save your painted toes from getting wet.



For unbelievable beauty do I see in you my Queen;

I think your daughter sees the Devil in my beard.

I need you to fall in love at third sight,

I’ve only met you twice in this phoenix afterlife.



For as relationships die, new relationships are sought;

My aphrodisiac, you give me food for thought.

For I am lost in lust, just begging for your touch;

So soft upon this metaphor love.



Her I could love with ease, my Liege.

For in her desires I see me.

No I am not being arrogant;

I am simply saying she is Heaven sent.



After a life time of Hell, I now see my past,

Present and future tense.

She is relaxing in a bath, as I go to see if the dinner is ready yet.

The kids are asleep, or watching T.V.,

As my empathetic angel, sings so succinctly.


A song of love, inspired by me,

She tells me later as our family eats.

My love you give me food for thought.
My love for you is eternal.  Please become my woman, my girl.



Your parents will always see you as their daughter, (alas)

No matter what happens, they will love you forever.

But I will always see you as a woman first and foremost

And this eternal bond between us should never be severed.



You need a Man to remind you who you are.

You shining star, you are truly inspirational.

You may feel that you are solely a Mothercare;

But I am here to show you, that you are so much more.



You are the sexiest woman on the planet,

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

You my dear are simply J-Lo speaking Spanish;

If my tears are your nourishment, then let it rain.




(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.


© 2016 Aa Harvey

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Added on March 9, 2016
Last Updated on March 9, 2016
Tags: love, beauty, lust, family, bio, attraction


Aa Harvey
Aa Harvey

United Kingdom

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