The First Brother Pg. 3

The First Brother Pg. 3

A Chapter by Aaron McClarnon

Room 323 was just as deceiving as the rest of the hotel. It included the same golden and red wallpaper, although adorned with silver angels, a refrigerator, a small den with a couch and t.v. The bed room composed of two twin sized beds with a night stand in between and a larger t.v. Unfortunately, the smell of the hall way was still noticeably present throughout the room. The sun was beginning to fall behind the skyscrapers, turning the dark marble sky into a beautiful pink and orange mixture. A heavy sigh escaped Tommy's lips as he began to undress and settle into bed. 

      He flicked on the t.v. and browsed through the small selection of channels. A fat woman preaching about the bible was quickly replaced by a sexy woman selling cars, then by a goofy game show host. Finally deciding on nothing, Tommy turned the television off and stared at the ceiling for what felt like hours. He was anxious to see his family again. His brothers Danny and Michael, and his mother Lana. The desire to hear there voices nearly drove him out of bed and towards the phone. However, he knew they were likely asleep, and he as well was tired. So he just continued to lay down and fantasize about the old days. 

      Tommy, Danny and Michael were inseparable in their youth. Tommy was eldest, then Danny and finally Michael as the baby. There was also an unofficial fourth brother. Kenny "Squid" Stetson was a scrawny Asian boy who lived a few houses down from the brothers. The name Squid started back when they were in grade school and he was always a pale sickly looking color and had a problem with sweaty palms and armpits, giving him a slimy grip. Kenny despised the nickname and would explode whenever someone other than the brothers would use it. 

      That nickname became an invitation to Squid to join the family and and take part in all the mayhem that came along with it. The four boys were never delinquents, but just a little bit mischievous. Once back when they were hardly teenagers, Michael wanted to take a trip to the liquor store despite being underage. Tommy naturally attempted to be the good older brother, while Danny paid no attention and watched t.v. and ate pizza. Tommy's cries fell on deaf ears and Michael went soon after they all went to sleep. Nearly fifteen minutes later, the police knocked on their front door.  Luckily they let him off with a warning and we never told mom, who was out with some girlfriends. 

      Remembering all his little mishaps with his brothers made Tommy laugh. Tears began to appear, and his laughter only escalated. He kept chuckling until his neighbor woke up.

      "Hey shut the hell up, a*****e." 
      Tommy stifled his laughter and went  to bed. But not without giving one last smile.

© 2012 Aaron McClarnon

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Added on June 4, 2012
Last Updated on June 4, 2012
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