A Poem by The Quill

Darkness is relative..



I looked into the dark

Silent night, dogs bark

And above in the ocean of air and stars

The wanderer of night swims, visible yet far

And the light from a star, miles away from me

Comes, travelling for years, to let my eye see

And when I see the star, it has already moved

And I can just see it where it was years back

And yet I wish to believe it is there

Staring at me, waving back

I live and believe that what I see is truth

And my brain has faith on my eyes,

But I know the truth is not visible

Or is it something, absolute truth

And I again look at the stars,

And walk in a lonely lane

I look at my shadow

When the light from post falls over me

I look at my dark aspect, and glee

It is always there when there is light

Then why, to cut it away, I fight

I just to be in complete dark

To evade my darkness

So the truth again shatters,

Only relativity matters

Darkness is there only in light

It is more timid when it is bright

The end of all light will end darkness too

No one will be able to decide what to do

No definition of darkness will be alive then

The last trace of light will be killed when



© 2014 The Quill

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A strong piece over relativity of light and shade. Thoughts brought to light appreciably well. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on December 31, 2014
Last Updated on December 31, 2014