Pity Party

Pity Party

A Story by Abi Will

A brief description about a 20 year old in the year 2016.



I am not too sure what exactly to write about. I want to write about something. Not knowing what to write about makes me feel like I’m floating in the vacuum of space waiting to be finally pulled back to some celestial body (preferably the Sun).  I find myself too ignorant on mathematical issues to write about them with confidence and find it too cliché to talk about something philosophically as a twenty year old.

An introduction is a fitting start to any writing. My name is Abi Will. I am an aspiring mathematician. My career goal is to become a professor and conduct math research though if the opportunity to just do mathematical research presents itself without a professorship I’ll happily take it. My primary interest is mathematical knowledge and I hope to contribute significantly to the entirety of mathematical knowledge. My sexual preference is for men, and I try to keep an open mind. I don’t like being boggled down by labels whether they are positive or negative. It’s better to understand a person through their individual actions than a generalization. “Good” people can act bad, and “bad” people can act good. I’ve found this schematic doesn’t cause too much disappointment or heartache.

I am currently not attending university, but I just received my Associates in Arts with a pathway to a major in Mathematics from MDC. I applied to ASU and CUNY for the spring semester, but unfortunately wasn’t able to attend either. Baruch was the college I was accepted to in the CUNY system. Unfortunately due to my incompetence I wasn’t able to find their course offerings for the spring semester until I got accepted and ended up finding it lacking. So, I did not attend Baruch for fear that I would just become a financial mathematics major. I’m more curious about number theory. ASU also accepted me. It was too expensive and I was accepted 11 days before the semester started. ASU had a ton of courses I would have loved to be taking now.

Now I am just job hunting. It has been about 11 days, and nothing has come to fruition. It’s pretty difficult now. I am trying and seeking with lots of intent. I’d prefer it if I could speak to people about employment instead of being diverted to some online form. I’m not too sure that a questionnaire can encompass the entirety of what I have to offer. Maybe I just haven’t come off as likeable to the people I’ve spoken with, and that’s why I’m being sent to the online application.  I am currently staying with my mother ever since I broke up with my ex-boyfriend of two years.

I hope there’s someone else who can join my pity party. Misery loves company. Obviously this was not the intention of my free writing, but it’s what it has become. I hope you find this mini exposition of my adult life entertaining or comforting. Maybe you thought it was all around s**t. Let me know!


© 2016 Abi Will

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Added on January 15, 2016
Last Updated on January 15, 2016
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Abi Will

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