The Thing About My Love

The Thing About My Love

A Poem by WelshWinds


Something about your eyes,
Makes me wonder how you see me. 
Something about your personality,
Makes me wonder how you hear me.

You say you love me,
Is that really what you think?
You always blush when I smile at you,
But is that truly why your face goes pink?

What if what we think, 
Isn't really what we know?
What if all this emotion you see,
Isn't what we really show?

You're absolutely beautiful to me,
Don't ever forget that.
But how do we know what's true,
If it can't be proven as a fact?

The answer is faith.
And faith is what I have in you.
I see beauty and magic,
In every small thing you do.

I am determined, 
Whenever I call you up,
I have specific things to say,
But I always end up choking up.

It's not that there aren't words,
To say what we really want to hear...
It's theres no possible way to make it sound special, 
So that we can always hold those words dear.

I say I love you,
But when I do I feel cheated.
Someone has already told you that,
And now I feel defeated.

In the hopes of not being redundant,
I'll hold my words inside.
You'll know when I love you,
Because you'll see it in my eyes.

My love is based on feelings,
And not lost inside words.
It will come straight from my heart.
Because that is what you're worth.

© 2011 WelshWinds

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Added on October 13, 2011
Last Updated on October 13, 2011



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