Stana's Sicilian Adventure

Stana's Sicilian Adventure

A Story by Abishai100

An American female Supergirl (DC Comics) book writer named Stana travels to Sicily in the summer of 2020 and finds a cryptic-text that sends her on a mystical adventure involving the dark side.

Stana packed her bags for her awesome Sicilian adventure in the summer of 2020. She'd been a successful Supergirl action-adventure comics writer for DC Comics for the past five years. She wanted to take a much-needed vacation, from comic book writing and the general hustle-and-bustle of living in the now-congested city of Los Angeles. Stand was exited to see the ruins, marketplaces, churches, villages, and beaches and shores of Sicily (Italy). She was about to go on an unexpected journey to the dark side.

Stana's curiosity about Sicily was sparked when her boss at DC Comics wanted her to create a four-issue tale about Supergirl discovering a strange form of marble kryptonite (a rare non-earthly mineral/gem that weakened Supergirl's otherwise super-strong composition!) in Sicily, leading her to the underground lair of her adversary Brainiac(!). Stana wrote the comic book four-issue length story for DC Comics, which received many positive reviews from fans/critics around America. Now, Stana wanted to see Sicily.

Stana took an A'litalia flight from LAX (Los Angeles) to Rome (Italy) and then a connecting domestic flight to Sicily in early June 2020(!). She brought with her a copy of her four-issue Supergirl (DC Comics) story, bound as a single collection by a fine silk thread! If a Sicilian was interested/curious about American comic books, Stana could present her four-issue bound Supergirl feature, the one that 'drew' her to Sicily that summer. Stana also was hoping to meet a handsome Italian man while in Sicily, to end her loneliness.

Stana toured the villages, churches, and wonderful marketplaces in the idyllic areas of Sicily (Italy) throughout the month of June, taking numerous photos with her handy-dandy iPhone to upload to her Facebook profile-page, for her fans/friends to see and keep pace with her summer Sicilian trip(!). Stana also enjoyed some incredible authentic Sicilian/Italian food and met a very handsome Italian waiter named Gino while eating Sicilian fish pizza (yum!) at a small bistro. Stana and Gino became lovers, and she promised she's visit him again in August (during the third leg of her three-month Sicilian summer excursion).

Stana arrived at a remote artisan village in Sicily in July. She noted the strange settlement structures/houses in the village and the eccentric artisans and fishermen and their beautiful Sicilian daughters. It was in this offbeat artisan village in Sicily that Stana came across a strange-looking artisan (a bearded man in large hat!) who started talking to her about her background and what brought her to Sicily. Stand showed this artisan her four-issue Supergirl comic book story, and the artisan oddly remarked to her that she might be interested in a 'dark side' folk-tale involving an evil black fairy who resided in a nearby forest.

Stana couldn't resist following up on this eerie Sicilian folk-tale about a cryptic black fairy in a forest. The strange artisan who directed her to this forest gave her a cryptic $300 text/book containing illustrations of this eerie black fairy. When Stana arrived at the Sicilian village by the forest where the evil black fairy was believed to live, she asked the local villagers about this fairy and showed them the cryptic book the strange artisan gave her(!). When the villagers looked at Stana's black fairy text (given to her by the strange artisan!), they marveled at the unusual illustrations in the book of the folkloric evil black fairy and told Stana she was destined to discover something 'deep' about the dark side.

Stana was filled with so much intrigue, she couldn't wait now to go camping in the forest where the folkloric black fairy lived. She understood she'd have to read passages from the cryptic text/book the strange artisan gave her to invoke the presence of the black fairy. The black fairy symbolized a special consciousness regarding adventure and doom, and Stana wanted a firsthand account of what all the hubbub was about regarding this unusual Sicilian folk-tale. Stana arrived at the forest and made her campsite by a picturesque lake in that Sicilian forest. She then began reading the incantation passages from the cryptic book the strange artisan gave her.

STANA: My goodness, you are indeed the folkloric black fairy!
FAIRY: Yes, Stana; you can see me because of the magic of your special book.
STANA: A strange artisan-merchant gave me this cryptic book...
FAIRY: I know.
STANA: How did you know, and how did you know my name?
FAIRY: That artisan is my agent, and he told me about you!
STANA: Why do you inhabit this Sicilian forest?
FAIRY: I wait for the right curious mind to assign special missions.
STANA: You have a mission for me...
FAIRY: I certainly do; I want you to write a Supergirl fable about me.
STANA: You want me to feature you in a Supergirl comic book story?
FAIRY: You will do this for me, and I will make sure Gino remains your lover!
STANA: How did you know about my Sicilian lover, Gino?
FAIRY: I've been following you during your vacation; I'm interested in your writing.
STANA: Gino has been a dream for me; how can I refuse you, black fairy?
FAIRY: You can't; remember that your Supergirl fable about me has to be about doom.
STANA: I could write a continuity-tale about you challenging Supergirl with kryptonite!
FAIRY: That sounds perfect; your trip in Sicily has been wondrous...and mysterious.
STANA: I'm in awe of your 'dark aura' and seek to entreat your wishes.
FAIRY: Make me famous with your Supergirl comics, Stana!
STANA: I'll do it...especially for this wondrous 'Sicilian revelation.'
FAIRY: Of course, you must keep this actual fairy-encounter a secret...

© 2019 Abishai100

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Added on August 1, 2019
Last Updated on August 1, 2019
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