The Celebrity Deadline

The Celebrity Deadline

A Story by Abishai100

An iconic attractive actress who is engaged to an attractive male fashion-model meets an Algerian prince named Taj who forces her to consider a special 'Christian celebrity deadline' for GQ Magazine!

This is a celebrity fairy-tale inspired by the film Notting Hill.


Jade was a very attractive nouveau-actress making a special splash in modernist films in America and Europe. She had made films with Godard and Polanski and was slated to make a film with Paul Thomas Anderson in Hollywood. Jade began dating a very attractive French male fashion-model named Tomas who was modeling for Dior and Hugo Boss in Spain while Jade was traveling in Madrid and Barcelona. The two began a steamy relationship and decided to get engaged. Jade and Tomas were featured in a special Vanity Fair magazine article about the nouveau-aesthetics associated with modern beautiful celebrities (thespians, models, musicians, etc.). Jade/Tomas were the ideal celebrity pair, and Woody Allen was scripting a story about them being the new age Lex Barker and Anita Ekberg.

However, an Algerian prince named Taj read the Vanity Fair article featuring the story and photo of Jade/Tomas and became obsessed with Jade and her offbeat but obvious beauty. Taj resolved to meet this avant-garde film-actress and wanted to bring her to his yacht in the Virgin Islands. However, he'd have to convince the stunning beauty that he was the better match for her and that she had good reason to part ways with her seemingly perfect model boyfriend Tomas. Taj decided to write a fan-mail letter to Jade and challenged her to come to the Virgin Islands and go on a ride on his yacht with his mother, and if she liked his company, she could consider marrying a real prince! Taj also sent Jade a copy of a classic Eastern cinema-celebrity society couture magazine called Filmfare, suggesting that Jade should consider what Eastern imagination could offer to the otherwise Western movie-star. Jade was humbly intrigued and decided to accept Taj's cute invitation to join him on his yacht with his mother.

When Jade got to the Virgin Islands and boarded the royal yacht (called the Dumas), where the Algerian prince Taj and his mother were waiting for her eagerly, Jade was immediately impressed with Taj's dashing demeanor and offbeat handsomeness and self-composure and by the grace and humor of his goodly mother. Taj had cool sunglasses and a cool red shirt he purchased for the yacht-ride and showed Jade a photo he took of him trying on his outfit in a store fitting-room. Taj told Jade that even Easterners spent considerable time thinking about the human appeal of the ornamentation of beauty. Jade found Taj quite quirky and interesting in a very offbeat way and wondered why the Algerian prince was so interested in dating a Western movie-star. Jade conversed with Taj's mother on the yacht the Dumas, and his mother told Jade that Taj was thinking heavily about her popular courtship with the very attractive French male fashion-model Tomas. Taj and Jade ironically exhibited a strange bubbly chemistry on that yacht-trip!

Taj decided to make a fun stick-figure doodle (in pencil and color-pencil) of Jade and Taj as the DC Comics characters Talia al Ghul and Batman. Taj drew Jade as a cool and sly Talia and himself as a worried Batman with the colored caption, "Love or Doom?" (in reference to celebrity/royalty!). After their yacht-trip ended, Jade returned to Tomas' apartment in Paris and read two months later that Taj had submitted his Talia-Batman doodle of her and Taj to GQ Magazine for a special story about celebrities meeting royalty (princes and princesses). Taj then sent Jade a letter explaining that this story-piece and his submitted doodle he made on his yacht the Dumas was related to his mother's suggestion that he make a nifty Christianity-oriented commentary about spirituality in the modern age of media for GQ Magazine, since Taj had recently converted to Catholicism. Jade was honestly very impressed and intrigued and decided to reunite with Taj while he was in Amsterdam. Taj brought his Talia-Batman doodle with him and told Jade his doodle/story represented his interest in making life in the limelight much more philosophical...before he kissed her passionately. The two were now officially romantic. Jade kept Taj's doodle of Talia-Batman!

Taj's mother wrote a letter to Jade one month later explaining that her 'romanticized prince-son' Taj had become interested in posing a special 'Christianity celebrity deadline' to Jade, challenging her to consider marrying him in one year if she was no longer in love with her model boyfriend Tomas and wanted a new royal life in the East with a consciously Christian Catholic. Taj's mother explained that her son wanted to create a special royal treehouse for kids he'd want to have someday with the woman he chose to marry, the woman who'd become the Algerian princess of the royal family, and Taj wanted this wife/princess to help him decorate the treehouse with carefully-selected Christian ornaments and art. Taj hailed from a royal family from Algeria that endured the great Revolution/Independence movement and supported the revolutionary writings of Frantz Fanon and the FLN. Jade told Taj's mom that she was now romantically interested in deeply considering Taj's special and rather charming 'Christian celebrity deadline' and wanted to see if this 'enhancement life-choice' truly was as spiritual as it seemed. Was this a real Christian celebrity fairy-tale?


"And king Solomon gave unto the queen of Sheba all her desire, whatsoever she asked, beside that which Solomon gave her of his royal bounty. So she turned and went to her own country, she and her servants" (1 Kings 10:13, KJV Bible).

© 2019 Abishai100

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Added on November 15, 2019
Last Updated on November 15, 2019
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