The New War

The New War

A Story by Abishai100

A shift occurs in the defense of human imagination, and this requires new kinds of axes of philosophy!

Since my final tale, an opus on apocalyptic new world order omens was a bit heavy, I thought I'd leave with a more lightened fable about the shifts in ideological ornamentation that arise during great social movements! This last vignette was inspired by the non-Orwellian film The Warriors.

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The Old War was over and the Warriors had retired. However, the brethren of the Warriors carried on the torch. The Warriors always wore athlete costumes and masks, and the wife of the head of the Warriors, Jane Royal, became the empress of the New War. The Warriors' brethren were led by Tom Hardy who'd assist Jane Royal as her First Commander along with his wife Furiosa, who was actually a movie actress working for the CIA! The Warriors had helped humanity deal with urban riots, but now the New War was all about the maintenance of religious values. The Warriors were retired honorably.

The head of the Warriors, Ajay Satan, gifted the First Commander of Jane Royal, Tom Hardy, with his silver handgun. This gun was the symbol of Republic values and would inspire the members of Royal's army to promote democratic values in the world. This was a world of Internet, Wall Street, urban traffic, black-market terrorism, and media intrigue, and the New War would be waged over the motivations to create schoolyard ideology so that America would never again fall to the pits of darkness and vanity. This was a struggle to maintain the quality of commercial life. Tom Hardy loved his new handgun, gifted to him by Ajay Satan of the Warriors.

Hardy was a man of means and an all-around tough guy. He appreciated the Warriors' love of movies and American culture and wanted peace-promoting athletics to engender modern Republic values in the world. That's why New War queen Jane Royal thought he was the perfect First Commander. Hardy was wed to Furiosa, who was actually a movie actress. Many believed Hardy and Jane and Furiosa had a love-triangle, but in fact, it was also assumed that Royal was still loyal and wed to Ajay Satan of the retired Warriors. Tom Hardy wanted to be sure this New War was all about pedestrian engagement and not some kind of archaic gang vanity! Hardy was a real soldier.

Jane Royal was beautiful and brave. She'd drive vehicles with pumped up nitros and carry guns to the members of the New War and to Hardy himself. She was also good friends with Furiosa. The soldiers of the Republic in the New War had to band together, lest they fall prey to the hockey-mask wearing gangs of the Dark Order, the members of the fighting-violent clans who insisted that Fascism was the cure to terrorism, not a grand 'vision' of a Republic. That's why Jane Royal was considered a charm for the New War, and Furiosa/Hardy revered her as a figurine-figure of democratic courage.

As the New War defenders of the Republic dealt with the demonic sometimes hockey-mask wearing minions of the Dark Order, Royal and Hardy and Furiosa would have to take on the visages of ancient deities, armed with swords and spears and lances and lancets and prepared to decapitate the evildoers of the Dark Order! To defeat the Dark Order, one had to focus on the tangibility of divinity, and what's what this modern world dualism was all about --- beauty versus hell. The Republic defenders therefore had to be quite majestic!

Furiosa had all kinds of connections in the world of media and movies, and the Republic defenders led by Queen Royal wanted to be sure First Commander Tom Hardy had all the resources to make Furiosa's inways into modern media a thing of great fortress-building democratic propaganda! Kids around the world loved Furiosa and made her gifts and toys, and she used her inways with the CIA to make sure the Dark Order never obtained any potent platform of fascist direction. Hardy considered Furiosa the modern world Joan of Arc, a real messenger of Utopia.

The Republic defenders wanted sports, televised or otherwise, to be considered a fantastic avenue to world peace. They denounced 9/11 and the Munich Massacre as clear signs of anti-globalization terrorism. The Dark Order meanwhile used sports as a bannerflag for competitive rage. That's why Royal, Hardy, and Furiosa wanted to be sure that pronounced world sporting events such as the World Cup, Olympics, and Super Bowl were never ever destroyed by terrorism or by minions of the Dark Order. In fact, Royal and Furiosa sent special cheerleaders to the iconic World Cup soccer tournament to make sure that world soccer remained a symbolic toast to international excellence!

Other sports were hailed too, such as women's volleyball and Asian table tennis. However, dominant sports were considered important to protect from terrorism. The contest between the Republic defenders of Queen Royal and the sinister fascists of the Dark Order was one of great ideology! That's why televised sports became a symbol of new age socialization concerns regarding democratic ornaments.

Who was the new Helen of Troy now that the Warriors had retired? It wasn't Jane Royal, since she was a war-consultant. Who was the 'supermodel' of democracy, as the Dark Order contested with Royal/Hardy/Furiosa over the contours of 21st Century capitalism and media? Since everyone loved fashion, the new Helen of Troy just might be some kind of 'trendy' doll signifying metaphysical imagination. This was important.

The Republic defenders lived in a house called BG. This was their lair of sorts. This was closed off to any representatives of the Dark Order. At the house BG, the Republic defenders enjoyed watching movies and planning how to coordinate media with material political decisions. America was still after all the nation of wondrous social machinations.

The members of the Dark Order lived in a giant plantation mansion with many rooms and invited all kinds of female guests interested in the fineries of American luxury. This may have been political figures, movie stars, street-soldiers, musicians, and/or maniacs! The Dark Order schemed how to destroy Royal/Hardy/Furiosa so Republic defense would give way to fascist daydreams. They envisioned an America similar to one of the pre-Civil War Confederacy.

Ajay Satan now dressed up as a vigilante-like harlequin and made Internet-posts about pornography and censorship, really posts just about democratic free-speech and fun-spirited liberalism! Satan was no longer an acting decision-making force for the Warriors, since his mates now simply helped him tend to social concerns and community concerns such as food and parties. Satan and the Warriors watched and cheered on Royal and her company of Republic defenders, hoping the New War would be about social sanity! Ajay Satan was now like Mr. Rogers and felt he lived in a beautiful neighborhood.

One of the secret agents of the Dark Order was a movie superstar who schemed constantly how to destroy Furiosa. Royal and Hardy didn't know this, but Furiosa herself had strong doubts. This movie superstar considered Furiosa a serious threat to the Dark Order's interests in new age fascist dogma.

Kids meanwhile cheered on both sides by recreating war scenes with toy dolls and action-figures. Of course, this was terrific for consumerism! Capitalism would endure, and daydreams would need to be coordinated with psychological welfare. Education was as important as ever. These dolls and action-figures were really important!

The hockey-mask wearing minions of the Dark Order would sometimes break into the homes of the members of the Republic defenders, so Queen Royal assigned special security agents to make sure such demons never destroyed sanctuaries. However, these hockey-mask wearing devils were relentless and had to be constantly fought by soldiers commanded by Hardy and his personal army. These masked hellraisers were signs of modern nightmares.

When the hockey-mask wearing minions of the Dark Order were executed, more rose in their place. This is what made the New War so eerily similar to the Old War. However, the New War was much more 'human' in scope, since people were constantly thinking about the long-term impact of political decisions. The Old War was much more about basic democracy. The hockey-mask wearing minions of the Dark Order were messengers of pure dementia.

Of course, gang warfare was rich in American history. It was only now when it was much more about human rationale and socialization paranoia! Maybe this all began with the LA Race Riots, or maybe this really began to magnify in ideological scope after 9/11, when everyone was more conscious of democracy-defense! Whenever or however this all came to pass, the New War would be about dialogue, and Royal/Hardy/Furiosa would have to commandeer America towards dreams attainable. Maybe that would mean World Cup soccer would have to be praised higher than urban street-gang designs!

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God." (Matthew 5).


© 2020 Abishai100

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Added on January 28, 2020
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