Oedipus Hex

Oedipus Hex

A Story by Abishai100

A nun prays for a warrior-savior in the year 2090 to save humanity from its own capitalism deathstroke!

I wanted to add a small story about the conceptualization of post-Orwellian paranoia since I've added quite a few Batman (DC Comics) fan-fictions about modern urban criminality! This tale should answer the criticism that I'm dwelling too much on Batman before retiring!

Thanks (signing off),


It started out as just a cliched corrupt Wall Street imagination. A tycoon was rearing a stock market prodigy and feeding him drugs and women, but when this capitalism prodigy made his way to Washington and the White House, he implemented policies that paralleled a modern eerie human yearning for unmitigated condoned envy at the level of society daydreams. Every American saw the President give speeches on TV about the accessibility of ambition in the age of commerce, and the savage mind became a hallmark of fertility.

You might ask how such a 'typical' capitalist vice could lead to reborn slavery and federalized prostitution of gorgeous immigrant women, but in fact, every American now thought of profit as a thing of evolutionary sanity! It was almost as if tyranny had become something any person could yearn for and simply equate with sex. It's therefore eerily conceivable how such a modern America could sanction the extermination of homeless children as a federally sanctioned economic policy to cleanse the nation of the problem of disease. The year was 2090, and capitalism logos were seen on the plasma-wristwatches of countless fortunate yuppie kids!

A Catholic nun named Eva became horrified by this silent death and prayed to heaven that a noble warrior be sent to rescue man from this abyss of vanity! Lo and behold, a warrior came in the form of a man-angel named Alas who wielded a magical power to transform the will of the people and fight warlocks and druglords hiding in the city. Alas fought this modern evil with his handy-dandy emerald sword, which he used to stun and impress the masses into a state of complete devotion. Alas saved Earth by reorienting humanity's focus on the humility of marriage and labeled the 'Great Tribulation' of capitalism deformity as a gastrointestinal malady he called Oedipus Hex!


© 2020 Abishai100

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Added on March 4, 2020
Last Updated on March 4, 2020
Tags: Dystopia




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