Xenogoblin: Coronavirus Challenger (Punisher)

Xenogoblin: Coronavirus Challenger (Punisher)

A Story by Abishai100

A heroic world-soldier on Earth named Isaac Castle ('Punisher') engages with a terrifying alien creature named Xenogoblin who's testing humanity during its fight with the deadly Coronavirus pandemic!

One more Coronavirus fable for my friends on WritersCafe, and this final (more light-hearted) yarn was inspired by Mars Attacks! (Tim Burton). Thanks for reading,

"As the Coronavirus hit global proportions in just 2 months, people around the world were being ordered to go under quarantine. Major shops and institutions remained open and employees went to work wearing hygienic masks and gloves, but the majority of working people now stayed at home under quarantine policies and worked through Internet connections to office terminals and servers! The Internet became the best vehicle for civilization business under this pandemic problem!"

"Communism oriented nations such as China and North Korea decided to post images of modernism themed computer-centric paintings on the Internet, depicting the imagination of a pre-collapsed USSR being entirely choreographed by the orchestration of the modern marvel of computers and Internet. After all, the Coronavirus quarantine command made computers the only link between people and the working world for the majority of working people around the entire globe!"

"Just then, an alien spaceship landed in Arizona and hid its craft in the Grand Canyon. This alien had a spaceship that was extremely advanced, since it hailed from a faraway planet called LG-426 where technology was way ahead of human civilization science! This alien wanted to observe how humans were using computers and Internet to facilitate quarantine consciousness and laws during its Coronavirus pandemic problem on Earth! This alien left a blueprint drawing of its spaceship in the Grand Canyon cavern where it hid the craft, so if humans discovered it for some reason, they'd understand the alien did indeed want them to appreciate the technological wizardry behind the spaceship."

"The alien then went under an invisibility cloak mode, which its biophantasm ability afforded it, which was something like the opposite of bioluminescence (e.g., fireflies). This alien, remaining invisible, soared around Earth and saw various humans in various nations working from home using Internet connections to officeplace computer terminals and even pulling their kids out of school because of Coronavirus fears and having them be home-schooled through online school-lessons. This alien noted that humanity's development and reliance on computers and Internet gave it a special confidence towards technology-based survival and lifestyle! Then, the alien decided to destroy some power-plants and industrial companies and buildings and factories creating excessive industrial eco-waste. That's why the world leaders ordered that some kind of soldier volunteer to arrest and/or destroy this destructive creature, which was finally spotted in France in the summer of 2020! The 'super-soldier' who volunteered was Isaac Castle who went by the field-operative alias 'Punisher.' Punisher trapped the alien in the Eiffel Tower using a rain of sedating smoke-bombs and an electricity-charged metallic net and then hauled it off to a United Nations cell! Punisher (Isaac Castle) then made a doodle-drawing of the terrifying alien for American kids back in the USA and named the alien XENOGOBLIN."

"Punisher was declared a world-hero for the apprehension of the destructive alien which he named XENOGOBLIN. Punisher (Isaac Castle) told TIME magazine that the reason he called the creature a 'menace' was because it was devastating major industrial companies after clearly observing humanity's reliance of companies and technology (e.g., computers) for life-maintenance during the horrible Coronavirus pandemic. Punisher told the world leaders that he thought the XENOGOBLIN should be sedated and kept in a cell indefinitely until its intentions were fully understood. Finally, the alien told human diplomats that it wished to debate with its captor, Isaac Castle ('Punisher'). Punisher accepted the unusual dare!"

PUNISHER: I drew a picture of you for kids and named you Xenogoblin!
XENOGOBLIN: No matter; I have no name, so that name serves perfectly.
PUNISHER: What did you want to discuss with me?
XENOGOBLIN: May I call you Punisher or do you prefer Isaac, Mr. Castle?
PUNISHER: Call me...the Punisher!
XENOGOBLIN: Why did you think I was a menace, Punisher?
PUNISHER: You destroyed major industrial buildings during our pandemic.
PUNISHER: Didn't you peacefully observe how we were using Internet to maintain economics?
XENOGOBLIN: Sure; but such technological amenities have made your species arrogant.
PUNISHER: Are you punishing us for these human frailties, Xenogoblin?
XENOGOBLIN: I merely wanted to see your reaction to such symbolic wrath!
PUNISHER: Do you see yourself as an ominous messenger and me/humanity as a 'miniature' firefly?
XENOGOBLIN: You humans are indeed like fireflies, but you focus too much on the negative.
PUNISHER: So you're using fear to give us some kind of spiritual shock, Xenogoblin?
XENOGOBLIN: I guarantee your artists will create portraits of you and me as David and Goliath.
XENOGOBLIN: Because, Punisher...everyone appreciates a nice tale about strange courage!
PUNISHER: Why do you think that is, Xenogoblin?
XENOGOBLIN: Because, Punisher...courage is characterized by relentless ambition.
PUNISHER: I disagree; courage is defined by controlled intelligence and experience geared towards goals.
XENOGOBLIN: If you're right, we'll see if future artistic renderings of our 'battle' inspire sanity.
PUNISHER: Alright!

"Well, both Xenogoblin and Punisher were correct about their conclusions and assertions about civilization and courage! Humans did indeed celebrate the way Isaac Castle ('Punisher') used advanced weapons and wits to apprehend the terrifying devastating Xenogoblin at the Eiffel Tower in France and how such a containment during the Coronavirus panic created global optimism towards the use of modern tech and energy to control calamity. However, Xenomgoblin was correct about artists making colorful comic-book renderings of Punisher fighting Xenogoblin, and these wild 'David-and-Goliath' paintings were posted on the Internet and were shown to kids in America who were using the Internet to study during the mass school closings necessitated by the Coronavirus pandemic. However, who was more correct about general human daring...Xenogoblin or Punisher?"

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth" (Matthew 5)


© 2020 Abishai100

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This is very clever thought provoking write.. love the creativity and illustration great imagery...
Great work abishia
Stay safe

Posted 2 Years Ago

very interesting and much creative piece of work

Posted 2 Years Ago

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