Pandemic: The Treehouse Drawing

Pandemic: The Treehouse Drawing

A Story by Abishai100

Bruce Wayne (and his crime-fighting vigilante alter-ego Batman!) tackle the Coronavirus pandemic and femme-terrorists with a magical treehouse project designed to create decisive hope!

Here's one last Coronavirus pandemic vignette, and this Batman (DC Comics) fan-fiction was inspired by the films Mad City and Erin Brockovich. Thanks for reading,
"After the NYC socialite-businessman Bruce Wayne established a national trust to construct numerous treehouses across America during the terrible Coronavirus pandemic, the billionaire media figure became the inspiration for a new Hollywood movie starring Christian Bale."

"Bruce was working with advertisers in the media to address new age claims that manmade problems were creating unnatural observances on Earth such as radiation-created solar flares in D.C. and of course mismanaged virus traffic in Europe and Asia."

"No one knew Bruce Wayne was actually the heroic masked urban vigilante known as Batman who dealt with a new brand of modern evil that corrupted humanity's imagination about anarchy in social networks and creativity in crime. Bruce/Batman had to be some kind of stellar James Bond, as new age crimelords made corrupt deals with corrupt politicians to extend their influence all the way to lunar missions involving crisis-scenario human colonies during global calamities such as the Coronavirus pandemic."

"The Coronavirus swept across the globe with adequate fury and infected over 300K people and led to almost 2K deaths in just 4 months. Scientists projected many more cases and deaths during the pandemic which was a sort of resurrection of the 2003 super-virus known as SARS."
"Bruce Wayne wanted his commercial enterprise in the USA involving the erection of quarantine-conducive luxury treehouses in the country to be coordinated with pluralism concerns so that no one religious group would feel they were getting the lion's share of the pandemic-related human crisis deliberation."

"TIME magazine conjectured that Bruce Wayne might indeed be Batman, since Bruce's rapture-like approach to the Coronavirus pandemic reminded people of the way Batman used creativity and passion to deal with America's worst kinds of new age evildoers such as Scarecrow, a masked maniac who tried to poison NYC drinking-water with hallucinogens. Batman, like Bruce Wayne, was a figure of mysterious and accessible duty."

"Batman had multiple female nemeses in America at the time, including Harley Quinn (a clownish hellraiser), Talia (a crime syndicate leader), and Poison Ivy (an eco-terrorist). These costumed freakish femme fatales wanted everyone to brood on the allure of crime in a modern world congested by traffic and commercial vanities. During this Coronavirus pandemic, Batman (and Bruce Wayne!) didn't want the dark influence of these femme-nemeses to cloud peoples' optimism towards the potential for serious angelic missionary work."

"Bruce Wayne decided to advertise pro-forest living art images of Sheena comics and other jungle-women while Batman tracked the femme-nemeses in America who'd try to use terrorism to create distraction from the Coronavirus mission. These images of naturalism and Batman's crusade to contain the threats posed by his femme-nemeses comprised a modern-day society rapture!"

"Bruce Wayne showcased his handsome Seiko digital wristwatch at the World's Fair to remind people why his company's luxury treehouses complemented the modern work with advanced technologies that made humanity's fight against the Coronavirus potentially a thing of folklore proportioned design."

"Some of these luxury treehouses were truly outstanding. Even Bruce himself stated in TIME magazine that these were monuments to mankind's refusal to allow a global pandemic to retard the imagination regarding the timeless quality of basic dreams!."

"Surprisingly, Bruce Wayne's efforts were met with agreement by an otherwise radical feminist Wiccan cult in Manhattan called the Ninth Gate. This cult was otherwise opposed to the sort of capitalism flowery espoused by Bruce's monolithic American corporation, Wayne Industries. The Ninth Gate espoused this treehouse master construction project as an adequate response to the lifestyle dilemmas created by the Coronavirus mass-quarantine problem. Bruce was grateful for the endorsement by this clearly radical cult!"

"However, Wayne Industries also received great endorsements from major female figures in mainstream politics including environmentalism minded real-estate focused politicians in D.C. who were talking actively about what quarantined life would do to Wall Street...and American dreams!"

"A popular feminist writer catalogued this 'American ordeal' in an exorcism story about an isolated frustrated young American girl responding to this 'treehouse creativity' catalyzed by the 21st Century Coronavirus pandemic. This exorcism novel won the author the Nobel Prize, and Bruce Wayne stated in the media that this was a sign that many different kinds of people were suddenly working together to address the very grave problem of modern traffic leviathan."

"A Hollywood movie-maker decided to make another movie starring Christian Bale inspired by the missionary work of both Batman and Bruce Wayne! This film, titled Max Payne: The Fall of Max Payne, described how modern-day American vigilance created forms of both utter curiosity and utter humility. Bruce Wayne stated he was a big fan of this avant-garde rapture themed American film."

"If this treehouse mission of Bruce Wayne and the extending crime-fighting work of Batman would have any real impact during this terrible Coronavirus pandemic, Americans would have to huddle together to determine how best to coordinate democracy...with demonology!"
"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2020 Abishai100

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this could be the next episode of bat man as he saves the world

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