Brandon/Adrien: The Humbling Plague

Brandon/Adrien: The Humbling Plague

A Story by Abishai100

Two wild American males are humbled by their worried girlfriends during the terrible global Coronavirus pandemic which compels them to become more dutiful!

Please allow me the discretion of this one extra Coronavirus parable before I retire, and this final yarn was inspired by the film The Basketball Diaries. Thanks so much for reading (signing off),

As the Coronavirus spread across the globe, two wild American men were busy galavanting around the Hollywood nightclub scene, trying to encourage people to simply ignore the problem. This wasn't exactly the wisest plan, but these two men, Brandon and Adrien, were simply into the fun and frills of American money and thought they could simply outrun any modern traffic-oriented Coronavirus hurdle by just skipping around with dollars and cents.

Brandon was a cocaine dealer to various celebrities and enjoyed spending money on lavish hotel suites where he'd invite sexy casino showgirls and cocktail waitresses for fun nights. Now that the Coronavirus was a reality, this sort of lifestyle was but a memory or daydream to Brandon. However, he continued to want to outrun fate itself!

Brandon's only friend, Adrien, enjyed watching his buddy win big money at the casino game tables and then had fun spending it with him in various places and hotels and nightclubs and bars. As the Coronavirus death-toll in America rose, Brandon and Adrien continued to try to evade the real-world dilemma. Brandon, a wild-eyed American, was the perfect friend to his Algerian-American buddy Adrien who liked gambling as much as he did.

Brandon and Adrien were dating two beautiful young women who happened to be TV-stars. These women, Tandy and Shelbye, were very sexually active with their boyfriends and hoped they'd not risk the fun they had with too much craziness that would land them as infected patients during the Coronavirus pandemic. Tandy was especially concerned.

Shelbye was concerned too and decided to create a scheme or trap with Tandy to persuade Brandon and Adrien to not be so wild and risky. The two women would tell their boyfriends to take them to an Italian beach in the summer of 2020 and when they got there, Tandy and Shelbye would begin to liberally flirt with the handsome Italian men bold enough to travel to the beach to sunbathe during the Coronavirus pandemic. It was Shelbye who came up with this dastardly plan.

When Brandon and Adrien got to the Italian beaches in the summer with their girflriends Tandy and Shelbye, they were horrified to discover their women were liberally flirting with the young handsome Italian men who were visiting the beach too. Brandon and Adrien wondered what the hell they were doing.

Brandon and Adrien decided to take Tandy and Shelbye back to America and tone down their wild lifestyle and took them to a simple night of mischief and adventure. The quartet visited the Smithsonian Museum and hid themselves in one of the lounge-rooms and stayed there after the museum closed. They stayed in that room and made love in that room, enjoying the pleasures of sex before cleaning up and heading out to sneak to the exit of the musem.

When the museum security guard found the quartet trying to sneak out, he demanded to know that the hell was going on. Brandon came up with the clever alibi. He told the guardsman that the quartet were on a field trip from a New Jersey center for the mentally ill and had taken some muscle relaxants to stay calm during the trip to the Smithsonian. During their visit to the museu, the quartet all fell drowsy and fell asleep in the lounge room and tried to just sneak away when they awoke and realized they'd slept past the museum's operating hours. The guardsman was shockingly convinced and escorted them to the exit safely but warned them never again to be so careless, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic!

Adrien made a beautiful painting of a woman bathing and presented it to Brandon, Tandy, and Shelbye as a token of the lessons learned on that Italian beach and why not to take life or beauty for granted, especially during a pandemic fear.

Brandon decided to fly the quartet that autumn, as the Coronavirus pandemic finally began to subside, to India and took them to a spiritual Hindu temple where they could reflect on the forune of surviving the terrible plague. They met a gorgeous young Indian policewoman named Anjali Patel who told them about how Indians were truly grateful to God for having survived the pandemic. Brandon decided to keep in touch with Anjali over email and she became his Eastern pen-pal!

Brandon and Adrien had intended to become American bank-robbers, but the humility of the Coronavirus now compelled them to become regular employees at a movie theater, where they'd work as ushers. They'd been living off their parents' money but were now motivated to be responsible working citizens. Their girlfriends were relieved they'd not become true American rogues.

What would have become of Brandon and Adrien if the Coronavirus did not awaken the world to the modern reality of lifestyle sobriety, social distancing humilities, and public welfare? Would they have become a statistic? What do you think?

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2020 Abishai100

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Added on March 29, 2020
Last Updated on March 29, 2020
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