Milk-Goat: A Coronavirus Fable

Milk-Goat: A Coronavirus Fable

A Story by Abishai100

Economics at Duke and Wall Street are used to fight Coronavirus dilemmas!

One last prayer about tackling disease with values and imagination, and this one references Wall Street and Duke University.
The Coronavirus pandemic created a global tremor through markets and made modern professinal working people, such as a Wall Street working-girl named Margot, really worry about the impact of a plague on new age capitalism which was the foundation of civilization itself. Margot decided to create a more savvy and active marketing campaign to address creative ways to tackle the Coronavirus quarantine requirements and how modern stocks and stores could endure this terrible calamity with some creative and even vogue advertisements! Margot was the terrific Wonder Woman of the new era.

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus was also a global pandemic and no simple creative solution would address all the complexities of this new age plague. There were more than 800K reported cases of the virus in just over 3 months and the death toll was rising, forcing governments to create quarantine controls and stores to close. Artists began penning dark city anime-stories about humanity being completely extinguished without the assistance of mystical swordsmen or medicine men!

Indeed, it was as if the Coronavirus was creating a new Apocalypse consciousness, and artists created portraits of men in masks tackling unsightly abominations symbolizing this new Earth dilemma. What could a woman like Margot really do in this environment of complete imagination perturbation?

Margot came up with the brilliant and creative plan to build a Chinese contract with the Kabrita infant-toddle goat's milk power/formula company and have thousands of boxes of the powder shipped from China to American Wal-Mart stores so American consumers would find easy to digest and alternative nutritious food products for their youngsters which they could self-prepare at home and hence would be very hygienic and create a feeling of community solidarity during this global crisis. Margot's plan was a hit with Wall Street investors looking for any kind of 'capitalism' daylight.

U.S. First Lady Melania Trump declared the Kabrita contract between China and Wall Street a terrific defiant triumph in this new human species battle with the Coronavirus disaster. She said to the press that Margot had found a nifty solution to the problem of marketing color in a time of plague!

U.S. President Donald Trump decided to have a major business and economics professor from the Fuqua School at Duke University work closel with Margot in the dispensation of capitalism theory and rhetoric so Wall Street investors could have something to sink their teeth into regarding the media's role in advertising commercial solutions to the Coronavirus related anti-globalization panic. This Duke professor, Dr. Thomas, worked with Margot on the Duke campus to create Internet blogs about new age capital/commercial solutions to 'civilization freeze-outs' created by the Coronavirus gloom!

Suddenly, working mothers and professionals around the nation, especially hip working people, were talking about the imagination behind American toddlers and infants 'fueling' the dead economy with this massive Chinese goat's milk shipment to Wal-Mart stores. Mothers were intrigued by the economic notion that alternative forms of hygienic nutrition would reach American kids and ironically boost the nation's morale in this eerie time of plague gossip!

Of course, goat's milk was more popular in the East, and American mothers still preferred normal milk and formulas and even breast-milk for their children even during this plague. However, Dr. Thomas of Duke University and Margot of Wall Street created colorful magazine ads on the Internet about the idea of enduring families in America confronting the problem of plague related economic shutdown with community oriented approaches to consumerism electricity!

If man was to endure this dark night, it'd have to support the efforts of individuals like Dr. Thomas and Margot in bolstering struggling civilization with true images of sustainable marketing. After all, Americans wanted to shine through this early part of the new millennium with great gossip.

Margot and Dr. Thomas were awarded the Nobel Prize in economics in 2021.
"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2020 Abishai100

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Added on March 31, 2020
Last Updated on March 31, 2020
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