The Zorn Racer

The Zorn Racer

A Story by Abishai100

In post-quarantine year 2021, the Zorn Racer creates intriguing marketing dreams and is pursued by a European detective who suspects he may be a real 'doctor'!

Here's a democratic quarantine fable inspired by the film Bubble Boy, which I hope you will like. Thanks (signing off),

Isaac Castle was a skilled racer, a great race-car driver who practiced driving on the Autobahn in Germany. Isaac wanted to apply his skill with driving McLaren cars and Lamborghinis to compete professionally in American races in the summer of 2021, sight after the Coronavirus pandemic had subsided. Isaac called himself the Zorn Racer.

Isaac called himself the 'Zorn' Race, since Zorn's lemma is a mathematical concept and value referencing the recurring observation of repeating maximal elements in a set of predictably fluctuating values. Isaac thought of himself as a 'maximal' racer and designed concept race-cars on his computer that resembled McLaren cars but were tweaked to offer some extra delight for actual on-the-road racing. The Zorn Racer (Isaac Castle) presented some of his concept race-car models from his Apple computer to some NASCAR investors and other racing investors in America.

The Zorn Racer (Isaac Castle) quickly got some recognition from some very chic race-car world figures and began dating a gorgeous young blonde woman, daughter of a major NASCAR administration executive named Deborah Kerr (DK). The Zorn Racer and DK quickly became a hot couple and were featured in a fun car-racing magazine article in the USA. The Zorn Racer was encouraged by his girlfriend DK to appear in some profitable design ads in post-Coronavirus diary magazines.

The Zorn Racer took part in his first race after one of his computer designed racers were actually built by a racing company. The Zorn Racer raced in the autumn of 2021 and won the race! He was quickly toasted as the hot new sensation in the world of auto racing. The Zorn Racer decided to make a fun Internet blog about two Hindu deities representing beauty and power, Shiva and Saryaswati, involved in a diorama story marketed by the dollar company Hearts for Love for post-Coronavirus quarantine diaries. The blog talked about how Shiva/Saryaswati would 'bless' human yearning for racing after the Coronavirus quarantine ended and open up new markets for sentimental dollars.

The Zorn Racer won five more of his next seven auto races, which were all McLaren races with cars custom-made using Isaac's special computer designed race-car models. The Zorn Racer became the modern equivalent of the McLaren Borg, and the Nickelodeon company decided to make paintings of these races which were then transcribed into Tom Cruise endorsed U.S. postage-stamps for post-Coronavirus fundraising. This was great post-plague capitalism.

However, all was not well in sunny America. The Zorn Racer (Isaac Castle) was actually a tracked bank robber who'd robbed over 20 banks in Europe over the course of 5 years under the thief-alias Grasshopper. The Zorn Racer (Isaac Castle) was therefore being actively pursued by a wily European detective named Leo Danbury who believed this American racer was a new age Pink Panther. Leo Danbury wanted to nail the Zorn Racer. Leo Danbury was the thorn in the Zorn Racer's side now.

No one really cared what the Zorn Racer was involved in before this exciting post-Coronavirus McLaren racing marketing campaign which yielded colorful marketable U.S. postage stamps which helped people celebrate the cessation of the terrible tribulation of the global quarantine. Detective Leo Danbury knew the Zorn Racer would exploit this public dismissal and decided to act fast lest the Coronavirus dread and haunting enabled the 'Grasshopper' thief to evade complete doctoring!

Meanwhile, the Zorn Racer was now involved in a fun marketing campaign involving the distribution of chocolate shaped cars for Russell Stover chocolate companies. These chocolates further reminded Americans of the shock of the Coronavirus quarantine and how people were finally beginning to believe in the daily joy of going outside for work and play and perhaps avoiding the lifestyle excesses in this new age of high consumerism and traffic that had arguably given rise to such an 'Apocalyptic' drought!

As Detective Leo Danbury continued to follow clues suggesting that Isaac Castle was not only the celebrated Zorn Racer but also the dastardly bank robber known as the Grasshopper, Internet art popped up everywhere depicting the basic enjoyment of marketing and circulating post-quarantine art promoting dialogue about the modern social value of disinfected thinking.

The Zorn Racer and his gorgeous girlfriend DK decorated their fancy new toy-like apartment in California with fun illuminated devices representing their modern appreciation for the designed devices and gadgets that made life in the world very dioramic.

As Detective Leo Danbury continued to chase the Zorn Racer, believing he was the master thief known as the Grasshopper, a Satanic witch in California named Scarlett decided to haunt the Zorn Racer, believing he was a somewhat 'vain' figure of new age media dogma. Scarlett wanted to cast the Zorn Racer as some kind of 'dollar adversary' of modern democracy. Was she right?

Meanwhile, the Zorn Racer began dating a new young women, a beautiful redheaded stewardess named Doll Princeton who was fascinated by all this post-quarantine diarism that Isaac's racing generated. Doll became Isaac's special doll, but now the witch Scarlett wanted to destroy all this 'American' daydreaming.

As Detective Leo Danbury was determined to prove the Zorn Racer was actually the diabolical bank robber known as the Grasshopper, Isaac's post-quarantine racing marketing generated quite a bit of ironic American toy dollars. Was this new age rice?

When the Zorn Racer and his girlfriend DK began marketing colorful glass-animal figurine pens as part of a post-quarantine eco-friendly hybrid-racecar marketing campaign on the Internet, Detective Leo Danbury was convinced Isaac Castle was indeed the European bank robber known as the Grasshopper who wanted to use these glass-animal pens to mock the media for neglecting the fact that the Zorn Racer was formerly a master criminal!

ZORN RACER: What is most important now is to determine how this post-quarantine experience should generate in humanity a feeling of lifestyle exuberance, which is why I'm giving a special lecture on the value of commercial vibrancy at American University (a symbol of neo-democracy). I hope my new celebrity director Tom Cruise will be attending. Thanks!


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2020 Abishai100

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isaac castle sounds like the man

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