Crown Jewels: Satan/Siren

Crown Jewels: Satan/Siren

A Story by Abishai100

Ajay Satan and Tamara ('Siren') work with a special Internet-stunt during the quarantine to bring a democratic message for Catholic minorities!

Here's one more Irish politics vignette about media symbolism during this Coronavirus quarantine diagonal, inspired by the film The Boxer. Thanks so much for reading (signing off),



Ajay Satan, an Algerian-American living in the USA, became involved with an underground IRA-sympathizer network during the Coronavirus quarantine in 2020. The quality and content in media became so symbolic in this new age of globalization, commerce, and consumerism, and the quarantine made all work and study indoors and through media/Internet, which is why the theme and censoring of media content was very symbolic. Ajay Satan wanted to work with the IRA to promote Irish Catholic access to media in Belfast, since the Catholics there were living as a minority. Ajay studied how the Irish Catholics in Northern Ireland hoped to free themselves from the influence of the British Protestant majority in Northern Ireland ever since the undesirable partition of Ireland in the early 20th Century and therefore wanted to be a real society knight!



Ajay Satan was marketing a special fictional Transformers (Hasbro/Marvel) A.I. female robot-warrior named Greenlight who transformed into a land war-vehicle. Ajay wanted to promote Greenlight on pirate-Internet blogs in Northern Ireland designed to reach the Irish Catholic minority looking for special ornamental stimulation for work and study during the Coronavirus quarantine in 2020. Greenlight was a green robot who symbolized modern democratic dogma!



Ajay was working with an underground IRA-sympathizer group in America called Green Fire (GF) which was devoted to forms of media content control and marketing designed to promote democratic stimulation for Irish Catholics living as a minority in Northern Ireland after the partition of Ireland. Green Fire knew of the cruel British police-force employed by the English crown known as the 'Black-and-Tans' who employed ruthless tactics to gut out anyone susceptible of association with the IRA (Irish Republican Army). Ajay learned that GF (Green Fire) had an age old tradition of dismantling the strategies of the Black-and-Tans and found a vintage group photo of sharply-dressed GF soldiers on a mission to seize control of Belfast police headquarters!



The Irish struggle was centuries old and very ugly. Ajay Satan knew this and was humbled because of it, since he grew up with the sociopolitical amenities of comfortably democratic USA, where he studied at the prestigious Ivy League school Dartmouth College. Ajay had everything an American could want and therefore was excited to use his conditional fortune to help the struggling Irish Catholic minority in Belfast obtain more social recognition and civil rights in this new age of media and consumerism and cyber-intelligence!



Ajay Satan linked with an IRA woman named Tamara Collins who always wore a green trench-coat. Tamara went by the IRA field-alias 'Siren' and would run messages and money to the IRA in Belfast so the groups could obtain necessary weapons and resources to construct fortresses and attacking motions to destabilize the control of British army in Northern Ireland while Parliament continued to wield undesirable policies in Belfast regarding employment recruitment of Protestants and Catholics. Tamara/Siren and Ajay began dating, and he realized she was a real firebrand and patriot in the struggle for Irish Catholic rights. Tamara's uncle was a member of Sinn Fein and friend of Gerry Adams and was therefore considered a great female 'soldier' in the Irish struggle in the 21st Century!



Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein simply wanted a way to argue to Parliament that there would be highways in Northern Ireland for proper and civil coexistence between the British Protestant majority and Irish Catholic minority. Sinn Fein even had Ajay and Tamara work with pub-owners bootleggers in Northern Ireland to designate completely independent bars/pubs for Catholics and Protestants, establishments that would cater to Black-and-Tan and IRA-sympathizers alike. This was a social design!



Tamara ('Siren') came up with the plan to infiltrate the British castle and have Ajay work as a real-life James Bond and become friends with English princess Kate Middleton while Tamara/Siren herself tried to steal the Crown Jewels. While Ajay distracted Kate Middleton and got her to grant him and Tamara/Siren access to the Crown Jewels secured room during off-hours, Tamara/Siren would perform the heist. Tamara ('Siren') knew she'd have to be perfect to accomplish this daring feat for greater media attention towards Irish troubles between Parliament and the IRA.



Ajay Satan and Tamara invited Princess Middleton to a celebrity boxing-match in Northern Ireland in the autumn of 2020, while the Coronavirus quarantine was still being loosely applied in the UK. Middleton accepted the invite and was charmed by the overall entertainment presentation in the Irish district. While the boxing match ensued, Ajay started charming and being hospitable towards Kate!



Kate invited Ajay and Tamara to England where he roamed around the castle with Princess Middleton. She found Ajay charming and he continued to charm her and made her think he was a sincere friend of English customs. Kate told Ajay of his special fondness of the Crown Jewels and agreed to give Ajay and Tamara a private tour of the secured Crown Jewels room. The stage was being set for unusual Irish media and political entertainment!



While Ajay talked to Kate about the special spiritual value of using entertainment and media to reach mass audiences during the Coronavirus quarantine, Tamara ('Siren') went to work with her concealed laser-scrambling powder and glass-cracking mini-sickle to lift the Crown Jewels. Ajay charmed Kate Middleton with his knowledge of Treasure Island, Chaucer, and James Bond. Ajay and Kate were in a separate room while Tamara/Siren was left alone to work with the Crown Jewels. Ajay was starting to think this entire scheme would have surprisingly terrific merit!



After Tamara/Siren lifted the Crown Jewels and replaced them with a substitute fake copy she brought with her, she sped away in her green VW beetle and awaited Ajay Satan to meet her at a safe-house some distance away in England. When Ajay arrived, they kissed, and he congratulated her for lifting the Crown Jewels successfully while Kate Middleton was successfully distracted. Satan and Siren now planned their next media move!



Kate was shocked to discover the next month there was a special pirate-Internet broadcast in Northern Ireland casted by Ajay Satan and Tamara/Siren about a new mock-radio play about the theft of the Crown Jewels from England by pro-IRA sympathizers in America. This Internet-webplay would serve to remind people in Northern Ireland that Protestants and Catholics could live side-by-side if provided with sufficient modern entertainment and society storytelling and of course free-speech. Kate realized the Crown Jewels theft symbolized a cultural cheek statement about the ironies of sociopolitical dogma and wondered how Ajay and Tamara got the best of the British design!



Kate had dated a young man prior to marriage who happened to be an excellent fencer. This English student at Oxford wanted to marry Kate before she disclosed she was in love with Prince William. However, while she was seeing this excellent fencer at Oxford, she gained an immense respect for sports and entertainment and wondered what this media-promotional Crown Jewels theft-stunt and 'entertainment play' would mean for the future of Protestant-Catholic dances in Belfast!



AJAY: Kate Middleton was oddly intellectual and curious!

TAMARA: Did you start to be charmed by her, Ajay?

AJAY: You know I only have eyes for you, Siren!
TAMARA: I don't mean romance, Satan; you were worried for Middleton.
AJAY: She's a young royal, and I hope she was learning about Irish troubles!

TAMARA: It's so frustrating engaging populations who're simply unaware of conditions.
AJAY: That's why media and communications are vital in this media era, Tamara.
TAMARA: So hopefully this Crown Jewels Internet-play for Catholics will bring spotlights.
AJAY: Yes, people will make jokes about Pink Panther and James Bond!

TAMARA: That's the kind of 'society chatter folklore' we want for democracy.

AJAY: Indeed; when there's pub-and-ale talk, there's less fighting.
TAMARA: We want Protestants and Catholics to live dolls!





"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2020 Abishai100

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Added on May 29, 2020
Last Updated on May 29, 2020
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