The Stalker

The Stalker

A Story by Abishai100

A CIA dropout eccentric code-named Shadow stalks an American super-celebrity hoping to make some kind of unusual media message about modern data!

Alright, one final Irish politics media yarn, inspired by the film Patriot Games. Thanks for reading (signing off),

American super-celebrity Tom Cruise was touring the world and planning new and exciting films symbolic of modern civilization and of course American imagination. He'd become the ultimate 'magazine boy' representative of a consumerism culture and media consciousness. Cruise was making a new movie about narcotics called American Made and went to a premiere with his new wife Katie Homes.

Cruise was seen for a photo-shoot driving his incredible new sports-car, an Italian trophy. He was photographed and presented on TV and in a society magazine and then splashed on supermarket tabloid stories claiming he was able to drive the Italian beauty while intoxicated. Yes, he had it all. The risk and the fortune.

Cruise appeared on a talk-show interview during which he talked about the commercial value of politics-themed films in the modern age of media and globalization consciousness. He talked about EWTN, Al Jazeera, and BBC. He talked at length about the special opportunities new age celebrities had in espousing positive and exciting media journalism. He'd become a great media spokesman.

Was America the new Egypt? Had it developed intricate hieroglyphs of network grids and avatar imagination? Were celebrities like Tom Cruise new age gods holding staffs of social divinity and political shrouds? Was America the foundation of a new type of rice pyramid?

Enter the eccentric terrorist Isaac Satan. This real lunatic was the mastermind behind a 2020 plot to track and stalk super-celebrity Tom Cruise and cast him as an American idol. Isaac Satan, al Algerian-American with underground ties to the P-IRA (Provisional Irish Republican Army) sought to use Cruise in an elaborate media stunt designed to showcase the power of media in modern perceptions of socialized vanity. Isaac Satan called himself the Shadow and wanted to create a special media-terrorism diorama!

Isaac's ex-girlfriend Jennifer had no idea what he was up to now that he was no longer a part of the CIA. Yes, after graduating from Dartmouth College, Isaac was recruited by the CIA and trained to work in IRA activities in Northern Ireland. However, Isaac was disillusioned by this work when an American officer executed a young IRA recruit desperately claiming he was some kind of freedom-fighter working for Irish Catholic minorities in Belfast. Isaac snapped and dropped out of the CIA and joined the IRA. His girlfriend Jennifer never heard from him.

Isaac was a very serious individual indeed. He studied Fanon and had relatives involved in the FLN revolution against French colonial rule in Algeria. Isaac was committed to the P-IRA (Provisional Irish Republican Army) now and wanted to champion media access for Irish Catholic minorities in Belfast during the Coronavirus quarantine. He decided to rob the London Bank of England in the summer of 2020 by posing as a political photojournalist doing a speculation of vault-room securities while wearing a mustache-and-beard disguise and then sedating the escorting guardsman in the vault-room and substituting the $10 million diamonds in the vault-room with fake diamonds he'd smuggled in hidden in the soles of his shoes. Isaac ('Shadow') was now after American super-celebrity Tom Cruise and hoped to snare the media demi-god to make a statement about modern piracy. This guy was a real eccentric!

The modern world was all about computing and grids. People cared about consumerism and entertainment and Neftlix and NASDAQ. Tom Cruise was really a 'doll' in this modern civilization, which is why Shadow (Isaac Satan) stalked him with this terrorism ideology! This was real modern intelligence and unusual sociological imagination.

Isaac/Shadow proceeded to follow around Tom Cruise in Hollywood wearing elaborate and even funny masks and disguises. He'd make himself appear to be either a masked prankster or some kind of head-gear wearing foreign hermit or shaman or Muslim cleric! Meanwhile, Cruise noticed these 'strange figures' near him while he was traveling around in Hollywood and/or Los Angeles.

When Cruise accepted the Oscar for his role in the American intelligence film Irish-American, Shadow (Isaac Satan) was waiting outside the arena for him and photographed him and made an anonymous pirate-Internet blog about modern celebrities blushing for their roles in modernism-themed political intelligence movies that simply were neglected by real-life politicians. Shadow wanted to cast Cruise as the perfect American devil.

Meanwhile, Shadow continued his underground operative work for the P-IRA. He'd sent various 'sentinels' media packages and pro-terrorism propaganda materials regarding the citation of American media figures as avatars for new age media dogma. He wanted his IRA brethren to feel connected while he was performing his special mission to cast super-celebrity Tom Cruise as a modern duke!

Was the Shadow the new era Unabomber? Was he a messenger of the basic frailty of political sensibilities and media vanities? Was he a sign that there was public paranoia regarding the impact of media on socialized dreams?

Shadow was of course being tracked by his previous CIA mentor and supervisor Max Schreck. This mad official wanted to see Shadow hanged for his perturbation of modern American media mazes and simply wouldn't tolerate this level of pseudo-terrorist dogma. Max became Shadow's thorn.

Shadow noticed a multicultural family in Los Angeles playing in the backyard self-assembled summer pool and realized that America was somehow an odd blend of social values and socialized dogma. Shadow started to wonder if he'd been too cynical.

Shadow decided to reference a folk-robot avatar named Greenlight in an anonymous email to a Dartmouth professor and stated in the symbolic message, "If I can cast a media doll like Tom Cruise as a modern idol, perhaps Greenlight is some kind of modern heresy!" Was he right? Did modern civilization lose its grip on intellectual slides such as A.I.?

Shadow stopped stalking Tom Cruise and decided to start making pirate-Internet blogs about the history of TWA airlines and how it preceded the modern fear of airline terrorism after 9/11. In his pseudo-terrorist blogs, Shadow claimed the modern obligation was to channel media fortunes into creative new ways of envisioning consumerism vanities.

ISAAC SATAN (SHADOW): I like Tom Cruise movies like anyone else, but I'd like to see more media focus on terrifying matters such as Protestant-Catholic dyslexia in Northern Ireland! Does this make me a hyena?

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2020 Abishai100

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Added on June 9, 2020
Last Updated on June 9, 2020
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