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An ex-terrorist thief named Isaac Satan begins stalking the iconic Western celebrity Jennifer Connelly, revealing strange trends in modern media discussions!

This is a celebrity stalker vignette I've been inspired to write ever since I saw the news-story of celebrity women's tennis legend Monica Seles who as viciously attacked by a fanatical stalker-fan of her tennis rival Steffi Graf. Celebrity is such an intriguing American sociocultural phenomenon, and this story is dedicated to the men and women in modern media who try to make our American fascination with glamour more....hygienic. This story was inspired ironically by the celebrity-diary film Notting Hill. Thanks so much for reading (signing off), 


Jennifer Connelly had become an iconic Western actress and Hollywood (USA) celebrity, having made socioculturally-symbolic films including A Beautiful Mind and Noah. She'd become an American household name and known face in the media landscape in the new millennium. She was also an eco-activist, working with the social group the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which was currently working with global warming issues in the tropics. Connelly had become a real celebrity in the modern world, a beautiful face really.

JENNIFER: "I like using my role-model position to not only appear at celebrity events and awards gatherings but also to encourage more social consciousness about the power people have in promoting dialogue through modern media!"

Isaac Satan was a thief, ex-IRA terrorist, Algerian-American ex-patriate, and complete psychopath. He gave up work with the CIA to join the Provisional Irish Republican Army, helping them rob banks in London to finance black market munitions gatherings designed to target British police and military targets in Northern Ireland. Isaac decided to move to America after his work with the IRA was over and began studying Americans' obsession with media and celebrity. He became obsessed with the American actress-celebrity Jennifer Connelly and began stalking her. He was relentless, and Jennifer had no idea!

ISAAC: "My work with the Provisionals in Belfast was seminal, and I helped them rob banks, because I'm a consummate thief, but now I'm in America tracking Jennifer Connelly, and I'm not just an average celebrity stalker terrorizing a random media figure like John Lennon, because my terrorist-thief background gives me a dystopian consciousness!"

Isaac followed Jennifer through the streets of California and Hollywood, often in Coronavirus masks and sometimes in sunglasses or fake mustaches and beards. He took countless photos of the iconic celebrity with his handy-dandy iPhone and noted all the places she visited and sometimes frequented. Isaac wondered if all this media fixation he was himself engaging in secretly was ironically turning him into an American cliche. Nevertheless, he continued in his relentless obsession with Jennifer Connelly and now considered himself some kind of rebellious anti-media dragon!

Jennifer meanwhile was in LA doing a photo-shoot for women's suit fashions and its resurrection since the 1980s, and this informed her new interests in the intersection between gender and capitalism. She was planning to do a new Leo DiCaprio film about commerce globalization affecting gender roles in the Third World. She was therefore continuing in her normal media routines, oblivious to the terrorist-thief Isaac Satan who continued to stalk this media beauty!

JENNIFER: "Man, I just attended this outrageous California outdoor carnival celebrity beach party, and I feel refreshed!"

Isaac was at the party too, pretending to be a hippie, and he brought with him a photo of Jennifer Connelly which he was flashing to the various guests. No one knew who he was, and he was in a fake beard and dreadlocks-wig, and no one knew his affiliations with the other celebrities and assumed he was just a hippie-pal of one of the celebrities at the thrilling California beach party. Isaac began plotting ways to assassinate Jennifer Connelly!

JENNIFER: "I was doing groceries, when I just noticed a strange if rather handsome young man in sunglasses staring at me through the windshield of his car, and when he saw me looking at him, he got out of his car and started following me, prompting me to run home!"

Jennifer decided to take a break from all this American madness and hopped on an Aer Lingus plane to Dublin and took a needed vacation in green Ireland. He didn't know Isaac Satan followed him there. Isaac still had underground IRA connections in the UK and used them to get resources to track and follow and continue to stalk Jennifer. This wouldn't be a typical Ireland retreat for the celebrity!

PEOPLE MAGAZINE: "The greatest threat to our American imaginative fascination with the phenomenon of celebrity is the eerie madness of homegrown terrorism in the form of media obsessed self-proclaimed 'fans' who terrorize and stalk our beloved celebrities in the social spotlight and make American life in these modern days something of a dread!"


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2020 Abishai100

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Added on October 17, 2020
Last Updated on October 17, 2020
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