Shiva-Pennywise: The Continental Drift Theory

Shiva-Pennywise: The Continental Drift Theory

A Story by Abishai100

The Hindu god of meditation-destruction Shiva debates with the demonic evil clown Pennywise about the nature of planetary alterations!

The offbeat Hindu deity Shiva is useful for discussions about the metaphysical quality of dark magic, and this little final vignette references his hypothetical horror-cinema avatar-rival, 
Pennywise/It, Stephen King's monstrous creation of ultimate Earthly deformity. Enjoy, 



The Hindu god Shiva, master of both meditation and destruction, was himself challenged by the upstart anarchist clown of Hell, the demonic dancing Pennywise, also simply and eerily known as 'It' for his ability to morph into meaningless forms for subversive murder. Shiva was the wielded of the mighty trident of destruction, capable of controlling all levels of mischief and malice, but Pennywise had always been an ultimate messenger of unfiltered anarchy, so the two mighty folk deities decided to convene and debate with each other about the true and complex nature of planetary rule and change. Shiva noticed from his heavenly view fom the snowy mountains in Nepal that Pennywise the clown was making cheap troubles and murders in the colored American area of New Orleans, perhaps bringing some harbinger of the Apocalypse itself!

SHIVA: You're the messenger now of latent mischief!
PENNYWISE: You remain the stubborn landlord of authority.
SHIVA: I have to keep my throne of humble blood, evil clown!
PENNYWISE: Why're you harassing me in New Orleans, Lord Shiva?
SHIVA: I wish to debate with you about planetary changes, Pennywise!
SHIVA: It seems you're vain about environmental frailty.
PENNYWISE: You think I exploit general vulnerability?
SHIVA: I think you're a clown of darkness and don't respect weakness.
PENNYWISE: I do scoff at the notion of regarding private fears.
SHIVA: Well, maybe that's why I worry about the need to destroy all frills!
PENNYWISE: Are you therefore a messenger of absolute authority in heaven?
SHIVA: I merely want to know if you think continental drift reflects mental peace.
PENNYWISE: I suppose the notion that continents slowly drift and merge and diverge is a kaleidoscope.
SHIVA: Is such a kaleidoscope a lens for creative thought?
PENNYWISE: Continental-Drift Theory can lend itself to ideas about pure uncertainty, for sure!
SHIVA: In that case, do you think my destroyer-trident represents continental stagnancy?
PENNYWISE: I do think your stubbornness about policing can symbolize claustrophobic governance.
SHIVA: Well, isn't continental drift a form of planetary or environmental liberty?
PENNYWISE: If you think natural changes in Earth inspire you to think peacefully, think again!
SHIVA: I argue with you Pennywise your brand of anarchy is nothing more than child's eyes.

Lord Shiva wasn't able to successfully dissuade Pennywise/It from spreading feelings of graphic murder and anarchy on Earth, however, he did manage to convince the demonic dancing clown of Hell that his special and sacred destroyer-trident weapon symbolized a mental attitude towards the control of basic childish deformity. You see, to Shiva, the sanity of existence was based on observations of the ubiquitousness of magnetic predictability and mental securities. That's why Shiva regarded Pennywise's sense of anarchy-diarism as a totem for complete planetary ruin. Only time would tell if Shiva'd convince this evil Pennywise to reform his fundamental manner of mental egotism. Nevertheless, it was a wholesome debate.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)


© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on February 22, 2021
Last Updated on February 22, 2021
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