Babette & Clive

Babette & Clive

A Story by Abishai100

A biracial tale of two unlikely outlaws, blood-diamond pirates, whose romance sparks American distances.

Here's a multiculturalism heist vignette set in America but close to the faraway fantasy lands of human daydreams, inspired by Bonnie & Clyde and Cleopatra Jones! Enjoy, 


This is the story of two diamond thieves, Babette and Clive. One is an African-American beauty pageant contestant and the other an Algerian-American ex-CIA thief. The two are stealing the Dutch baron Kuyt's blood diamonds from the Salk Bank in California. These two lovers are outlaws, and the law wants to end their romance.

Clive worked in Northern Ireland for the CIA, working as a messenger, operations consultant, and thief for PIRA/Parliament bridge-work. He got disillusioned and decided to leave government work and became a freelance thief. Now he's nothing more than a modern-day pirate, and he met his darling Babette at an Atlantic City beauty pageant and started courting a steamy love. Now, he's brought her into his world of piracy and diamond thievery. Clive doesn't regret this, however.

Babette is a stunning African-American beauty pageant contestant who's bored with her magazine-world and is thrilled when Clive the thief shows up in Atlantic City and sweeps her away from normal civilization. Babette and Clive have stolen over $20 million worth of diamonds from around the East Coast and are now staging the baron Kuyt's blood diamond heist at the Salk Bank in California. Babette and Clive have a very passionate romance and consider their flame one of outlaw folklore. They consider themselves sexy pirates. Babette is really in love with Clive!

On the day of the Salk heist, Babette and Clive walk into the bank dressed as foreign theater-group performers with toy guns seeking entrance into the safe-box area to deposit their special Canadian gems. When inside the safe-box area, Babette and Clive reveal their water-guns are filled with acid and proceed to cut through Baron Kuyt's safe-box and procure the million-dollar blood diamonds from Antwerp. They leave the note at Salk, "We're actual pirates, and blood diamonds are nasty!"

A comic book writer in California immortalizes Babette and Clive in a series of gripping and fun and colorful biracial crime-tales in the USA about modern pirates infiltrating the deadly blood diamond matrix which stretches from South Africa to Belgium. This is a story of the dioramas of modern biracial adventures in North America. Babette makes for a wonderful comic book antiheroine.

SALK MANAGER: We're honestly bewildered by the theatrical skill and outrageous feat of Babette and Clive!

The FBI are investigating if Babette and Clive have any substantial ties to anti-American terrorist groups like ISIS/Cobra, since they operated their Salk blood-diamond heist with chemical/acid guns. However, they've found nothing so far, leaving folklorists to continue to splash the biracial couple as simply an American diadem!

In the older generation, artists seek to pen the female detective chasing Babette and Clive, Danica Patrick, as a slick-suited anti-heroine of party-pooping demoralization. This b***h seeks to criminalize these romanticized outlaws. She ain't a fan of acid-guns...or blood diamonds. That's what these old-school comic book writers are capturing in their sideshow-tales now!

BABETTE: I miss my days as a walking model.
CLIVE: No way, I've given you a greater American life of photogenic acrobatics, sweetie.

Clive takes Babette to the East where they have their splendid honeymoon in a lavish suite and spend time enjoying classical Eastern music...and food! This is a romance for the books.

Babette and Clive married in a traditional Catholic church, surrounded by a society frowning upon biracial marriages. However, American attitudes improve in this evolving landscape of constantly negotiated sociocultural customs...and reinvented traditions. This is the almost supernatural tale of Babette and Clive.

OFFICER PATRICK: I won't rest until these two b*****s are buried the sands!

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on April 4, 2021
Last Updated on April 4, 2021
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