A Story by Abishai100

An A.I. alien visits Earth and becomes human to romance the dream of capitalism-dress at an American college.

One capitalism-ideology ode inspired by the daydream film Brewster's Millions. Enjoy (and God bless!), 


The Dartmouth College campus was about to receive an alien visitor in the form of an A.I. robot from planet Cybertron named Starscream. Dartmouth, a proud liberal arts college, boasted an idyllic New England campus which offered its students a plethora of academic resources.

Starscream transformed himself into a humanoid visiting professor from Algeria named Isaac Satan. He started teaching courses on literature and psychology and their intersections in capitalism folklore. He was fascinated with American civilization ideology and rhetoric and Dartmouth faculty came to know him (and like him!) as a nerdist analyst of capitalism flags in modern times.

STARSCREAM: I rather like this 'Isaac Satan' persona, but eventually, I'll return to Cybertron as the plane-robot self.

However, during his visit to Dartmouth, Starscream (Isaac Satan) met a gorgeous English professor named Linda Taylor who taught excellent courses on Miltonian literature and came to respect Isaac/Starscream as an 'avid fan' of Paradise Lost. It was Linda who showed Isaac/Starscream the magic of Earth dollars.

STARSCREAM: I shall gift this amazing woman Linda Taylor some clear white flowers as tokens of my respect for her mind!

Starscream began to wonder about the social value of consumerism items and totems and diadems such as Apple iMacs and Xbox video-games like Mortal Kombat and how these iconography capitalism trophies reflected a modernism fascination with casting profit in terms of the fantasy of human divinity.

STARSCREAM: Humans romanticize fashion like it was a life-form of capitalism music, so I'll gift Linda some fashion valuables!

Starscream also purchased a nice campus apartment for Linda and decorated it with capitalism-symbolic imagery and diadems like 1980s cassette installation art and nouveau-riche space furniture signifying the comforts of modern capitalism living in America at least!


Starscream began daydreaming that Linda would write in her zebra-notebook imaginations about going to Cybertron and learning about the profit-pyramids among robots and how they contrasted with human/Earth divinity.

STARSCREAM: Capitalism on Earth and in human civilization is about casting dreams in terms of formed dialogue.

When Linda gave Starscream a stained-glass gift of Mary, he knew he'd been assimilated fully into the human modern world of consumerism oriented artistic life. This was religion and philosophy wed to commerce and shopping!

STARSCREAM: If humans destroy themselves, it won't be because capitalism was somehow dark for them!

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on April 5, 2021
Last Updated on April 5, 2021
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