Wonder Woman New York

Wonder Woman New York

A Story by Abishai100

The incredible Diana Prince resolves to engage with a villainess in New York while a Planet photojournalist records the dime.

I'm leaving with this ode to Wonder Woman diaries. Thanks so much for reading (God bless America!), 


New York City, NYC, the city of the Empire State Building and World Trade Center and Rockefeller Center and Times Square and NYU and, well, so much more! This is the place where Diana worked as a journalist for the Daily Planet.

DIANA: I love working for the Planet and covering stories about New York crimes threatening working girls!

Working alongside Diana was the ambitious Algerian-American, immigrant, and aspiring writer and Planet photojournalist Amlan Satan! This guy was friends with Jimmy Olsen in college (NYU) and wanted to cover stories with his camera that captured the raw hellmouths of NYC that gave rise to new era 'super-villains' like Manson and Cobra.

AMLAN: My instant-cameras are invaluable to me and help me take shots of images qualifying New York sanity!

Sometimes, Amlan would dress up in outlandish masks and costumes for his photo-shoots of real-time crimes which would draw in multiple cop-cars and news-vans. This was the age of media and online journalism in real-time speed, and Amlan wanted to keep the Planet ahead of all the competitors in New York seeking to make it to the top of the proverbial capitalism tower of Babel.

A NYPD policewoman who's dating Amlan, Charlize Seymour, was worried that not enough attention was offered to modern female journalists like Diana, even those working for the reputed and quite popular Daily Planet.

CHARLIZE: I advise all women and working girls of NYC to carry ultra-bright UV-flashlights to shine blind muggers!

Diana was at a very important Manhattan (New York) socialite party featuring great and iconic modern-day businessmen with mysterious backgrounds such as Aldrich Killian and Lex Luthor. Diana suspected that one of these rather 'diabolical' capitalism men was somehow immersed in some kind of staged post-9/11 NYC terrorism, but Diana wasn't sure. She showed up at the masquerade party dressed as a charmingly hospitable storyteller from ancient times, offering her advice on the calmness and sanity of urban American democracy!

DIANA: I love video-games and how they entreat kids to think peacefully about war-like fantasies.

At this socialite party in Manhattan (New York), Lex Luthor was talking about a graphic video-game that would present images of women being brutally murdered and raped. Diana was shocked and instantly concluded Lex was the man immersed in some kind of NYC terrorism scheme. She excused herself from the party, sure that Lex had sent a minion out during that very party to create some kind of terrorism in New York that very night! Diana was right. She ducked into a New York alley and transformed herself into a super-heroine, the double-identity no one knew, not even Amlan Satan, Wonder Woman!!

Lex Luthor did indeed send a terrorist out into the night in New York during his so-called business party in Manhattan. This terrorist called herself Cheetah, and she's a biochemist who's developed a body enhancing serum which temporarily affords a woman the uncanny ability to scratch through steel. Cheetah was on the Empire State Building trying to scratch through the metal buttresses of the skyscraper.

Cheetah appeared to Wonder Woman on top of that Empire State Building that night in New York as a mutated cat-like hell-girl. She wanted to scratch out Wonder Woman's beautiful eyes! Wonder Woman knew instantly this super-villainess was something like a creature from the bottomless pit of darkness. She used her wrist-lights to blind Cheetah before knocking her out with a smoke-bomb. Cheetah was taken to a psychiatry lab.

CHEETAH: While I'm in here playing wood-shop, I'll design a crossbow with sedative-arrows and escape and find Lex!

WONDER WOMAN: If New York is to be saved from the grip of paranoia, we must celebrate vital life images of sustenance.

AMLAN SATAN: "What we do know for sure is that Wonder Woman has what it takes to demolish the awful Cheetah, friends!"

"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on April 5, 2021
Last Updated on April 5, 2021
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