RoboTech: Matrix

RoboTech: Matrix

A Story by Abishai100

Amlan is a California geek who's transported during dream-sleep into the Robotech universe where he engages with raw decisions.

Here's one more fantasy-adventure vignette, inspired by the iconic and dazzling anime franchise, Robotech, which really begs to be adapted into a full-blown Hollywood (USA) live-action film, perhaps starring Jennifer Connelly or Tom Cruise or Anne Hathaway! Enjoy (and thanks for reading),  


Amlan is a computer science and graphic design professor at a respectec California university. He's also a huge fan of the Robotech sci-fi adventure franchise, which includes cartoons, comics, cinema, and claymation. Amlan is about to leave his university life behind for a while!

AMLAN: Robotech media is awesome, and it reminds us of the access to futuristic values driven storyboarding.

Amlan has dabbled in comic book art and Robotech oriented figurines and characterization for his online comics fanfictions exploring the modernism appeal of the iconic sci-fi adventure franchise. It's both Western and Eastern, sexy and smart, hip and exploratory. Robotech is to modern media what Star Trek was to the older generation.

AMLAN: I love Robotech oriented toys and robotics vehicles and jets that remind me of the future of travel!

In fact, Amlan spends some quality time creating model imagery for comics magazine features describing a cross-dominion storyboarding of human characters and anime characters both amenable to the Robotech universe. These images help him conceive of a special 'dream matrix' of values driven romantic sci-fi adventure themes like colonization!

AMLAN: Robotech is not unlike the classic movies of George Stevens from yesteryear, mixed with modern dressings.

One night, Amlan has a strange dream in which he sees himself being transported through a portal and teleported into the Robotech universe!

When Amlan is on the 'other side' of the portal, he finds himself as Max Sterling, the daring Robotech army space-pilot in outer-space flying in laser-robotics machinery and transforming robot-planes tackling and shooting at nefarious nemeses such as the hideous Invid which seeks to create total universal fascism!

AMLAN: The Invid sometimes brainwash humans and convert them into size-mutated minions or sentinels of oppression!

The Invid is controlled by a mega-master named Unicrax who resembles a large floating Viking face. Amlan ('Max Sterling') uses his jet-plane to fly to Unicrax and challenge his authority over universal democracy.

UNICRAX: It seems you've traversed here as a stranger to warfare, Max Sterling.
AMLAN/MAX: I'm no stranger to valor and defiance, evil Unicrax!
UNICRAX: So, you seem nervous about the presence of utter fascism, Max Sterling.
AMLAN/MAX: Well, nothing is as disproportionate as undoubted oppression, Unicrax!
UNICRAX: So you believe my scheme to create universal order is somehow crude, then.
AMLAN/MAX: It seems to me your vision of pleasure and pain is gauged by mental deformity!
UNICRAX: Deformity, Max Sterling?
AMLAN/MAX: Yes, Unicrax; these dominions of oppression are oriented towards punishment.
UNICRAX: You can't govern without punishment, Max.
AMLAN/MAX: Well, your brand of dictatorship reminds one of the darkness of social controls.
UNICRAX: Yet, you are yourself humbled by considerations of unbearable anarchy, eh?
AMLAN/MAX: No one likes anarchy, Unicrax; but women and children prefer social colors.
UNICRAX: We'll see if your Robotech army can defy my death-star vision with 'deep' colors!
AMLAN/MAX: Our women are children are nothing less than complete dancers, evil Unicrax.

Max Sterling (Amlan!) had achieved the impossible. He'd persuaded his case of democratic principle with ardor and passion against the dark will of the mega-master Unicrax, in favor of the grand human vision of the Robotech republic, which hopefully would someday give rise to more 'human' proportions of beauty...and danger!

Amlan (Max Sterling) spent some time designing some nifty Robotech gear and toys with the help of his new republic girlfriend Melanie. They created models of great space-travel and robotics imagination. These Robotech blueprints would help the army create more creative stands based on intellect against the invasions by the mindless Invid.

Amlan/Max also left behind with Melanie a handful of nifty laser-sword devices he'd designed for the use by the army in its field battles with the Invid horde. These laser line cutters would create a sort of border weaving against the flanking lines of the Invid which only sought to use force and numbers against light and death.

Amlan ('Max Sterling') was immortalized and embossed as a space-pilot and combateer of great mental deeds.

When Amlan woke from this lucid dream, all he could think about was the quality ahd complexity of Robotech universe and republics gauged towards making democratic life for women and children on the host planets in that 'faraway' dimension seem altogether more...divine.

AMLAN: What this dream showed me more than anything was the access to Occidental darkness.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

© 2021 Abishai100

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Added on April 6, 2021
Last Updated on April 6, 2021
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